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Atomic Blast
Noise of Revolution [EP]
April 2013
Released: 2013, Spider Rock Promotion
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

“Noise of Revolution” is the first offering from Atomic Blast, a new thrash/groove metal outfit originating from Italy. Opening track ‘As In The Ocean’ acts as a delicate intro to the EP, with a wispy synthesised backing track to accompany a gentle electro- acoustic guitar riff that lulls you into a false sense of safety, or the track to follow, ‘Revenge Again!’ jumps on you from the get go in the shape of typically thrashy guitar riffs, Phil Anselmo-esque vocals and a generally groovy rhythm.

However, Atomic Blast give the impression of playing it quite safe, as if they have used a ‘Thrash metal Template’ and stuck to that, vary rarely straying out of the confines of what you’d typically expect to hear from any other thrash metal band.

‘Supressed Anger’, to begin with, certainly does sound supressed; it is as if they are trying their hardest to be brutally heavy but for some reason are holding back, a lot. I put this down to a lack of experience and perhaps also confidence in the sound they are trying to create. The drum riffs leave little to the imagination, but Tobia is clearly a technically solid and confident drummer. As with ‘Revenge Again!’, ‘Supressed Anger’ is a mildly enjoyable track but nothing special, and so far this EP is sounding highly unoriginal.

On ‘Silence’, vocalist Francesco demonstrates his range in vocal styles, opening up with a much deeper, almost death-metal style of vocals, which gives the track an altogether more sinister vibe in comparison to the much tamer previous tracks. The lyrics are a tad unimaginative though. Plenty of guitar groove is present on this track, with a nice little slice of harmonising and a consistent bouncy rhythm.

Final Track ‘Noise of Revolution’ is oozing with funk and begins in a very promising fashion; Atomic Blast finally seem to be straying away from that ‘Trash Metal Template’ and loosening up a little! Guitarists Simone and Daniele get experimental with guitar riff techniques and effects, adding a delightfully refreshing twist onto this otherwise mediocre track.

Tobia on drums seems to have gained a little more flair too.

Unfortunately, the track eventually slips into the same category as the other tracks on this EP; generic, fairly unoriginal except for a few moments of innovation and unique style, and altogether played very safely. For a first attempt, however, Atomic Blast could have done a lot worse.

My general opinion of this band is, believe it or not a positive one, as I do think that in a couple of years, these guys will evolve and shape into something altogether more unique, once they have found their own sound, become confident in their own abilities, experimented a little and familiarised themselves with each other.

Review by Soozi Q
Track Listing

1. As In The Ocean
2. Revenge Again!
3. Suppressed Anger
4. Silence
5. Noise Of Revolution


Francesco Vogli - vocals
Simone Sangiorgi - rhythm & lead guitar, backing vocals
Daniele Lambertini - lead & rythm guitar
Mattia Emiliani - bass guitar, backing vocals
Tobia Caradonna - drums

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