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Abandon All Life
April 2013
Released: 2013, Southern Lord Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

If there was any release that could dethrone Pig Destroyer from the top of my grindcore playlist, it was this one. Anyone who was fortunate enough to hear Nails’ 2010 debut UNSILENT DEATH or their most recent OBSCENE HUMANITY EP knows what I’m talkin’ about. And for those of you who weren’t, you’ve got a chance to join the discussion with the band’s sophomore full length ABANDON ALL LIFE.

Clocking in at around 16 minutes, ABANDON ALL LIFE razes the musical landscape without haste and without pleasantries. It’s the musical equivalent of a chemical fire, burning quick and fast immolating everything in its path. With the exception of the sloth like, but no less, virulent tracks “Wide Open Wound” and “Suum Cirque”, most of the tracks clock in within a minute. Guitars rage like a kid having a seizure, and mainman Todd Jones spits, scowls, and shrieks curt and candid lyrical magic with bursts of fevered mania. Which is the beauty of grindcore. In the hands of a skilled artist like Jones, or say Brutal Truth’s Kevin Sharpe, all you need is sixty seconds, a message to convey, and…GO!

And as the resonating feedback of “Suum Cirque” signals the album’s close, you will feel weary and beaten. And it will feel glorious, and you will likely press “play” again, likely for the second or third time at this point. I did, anyway. Arguably the underground’s best kept secret, Nails executes their craft with little fanfare or publicity, letting the music speak for itself and leaving their fans to spread the good word. Seriously though, check out some of their live performances on YouTube. If that doesn’t sway you, then you just don’t have a pulse. ABANDON ALL LIFE is available now through Southern Lord Records.
Track Listing

1. In Exodus
2. Tyrant
3. Absolute Control
4. God’s Cold Hands
5. Wide Open Wound
6. Abandon All Life
7. No Surrender
8. Pariah
9. Cry Wolf
10. Suum Cirque


Todd Jones – Vocals, Guitar
Saba - Guitar
John Gianelli – Bass
Taylor Young – Drums

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