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In the Streams of Inferno
April 2013
Released: 2013, Peaceville
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Mysticum is a name within the Industrial Black Metal scene that I had always heard good things about but never really checked out in the past, now however with the re-release of their 1996 debut full length album In the Streams of Inferno with re-mastered tracks and all new artwork and also including two new bonus tracks on the album I have a chance to hear them first hand. However unfortunately the tracks that were sent through to be reviewed were all unlabelled and we were not provided with a track list for the album.

So the only track list I was able to find was for the first time release of the album back in 1996, which is a massive shame as the last two Bonus Tracks on the album are the most impressive tracks on the album but sadly I do not know the track names for them!

Mysticum originally were due to release this debut ground-breaking Industrial Black Metal album on Euronymous’ iconic Deathlike Silence Productions record label but due his early and untimely death the band were then forced to look elsewhere for a way of releasing the album.

Having not heard the original release of the album I can’t comment on the differences in sound between the two as this album has been re-mastered. I wouldn’t say that the production on the album is incredible as there are moments when the vocals and guitars sit too low in the mix in my opinion and it becomes difficult to hear what actual notes the guitars are playing, strangely enough though the two bonus tracks on the album have far better production on them so I am assuming that these are new tracks from the band to be featured on their upcoming 2nd album to be released this year entitled Planet Satan.

This is the sort of album though that is supposed to be a harsh listening experience, from start to finish it’s like the soundtrack to a loud construction (or should I say destruction) machine pounding out fast Industrial beats constantly and with high trebly Black Metal guitar tones and the screeching vocals all coming together to create a wall and wash of Black Metal noise that would get anyone’s adrenaline going.

The thing that struck me however was that on the entire album, despite the music being good, there is not really any distinctive stand out tracks on the album at all (the only one I would pick as the best of the album would be the 1st Bonus Track of which I do not know the title of).

The intro of Industries of Inferno starts with a low sinister pounding of Metal and industrial mechanical noises before The Rest explodes through the speakers with a fast marching type beat of constant pounding bass drum and syncopated snare rhythms to create something a bit more interesting than the bog standard constant blast beat.

The album as a whole though does tend to all blend into each other and like I said earlier does not contain any massively stand out tracks. If you’re looking for the kind of Black Metal albums like Immortal or Emperor with distinctive and memorable songs that you can come away with then this is not that album. I get the feeling that the band wanted to keep the material simplistic and they simply want to make this an album that is a harsh and abrasive experience for the listener, which is fair enough and falls well within the norms of the Black Metal genre.

However it’s not going to create an album in my opinion that’s worthy of huge praise compared to the bands mentioned above. There is no doubt that this was and is an influential album on the development of Industrial Black Metal and I would say to any serious fan of the Industrial Black Metal genre who enjoys listening to bands such as Neo Inferno 262 or Diapsiquir that hasn’t already checked out this album to definitely do so.

The crazy fast programmed drums and insane film samples are all incorporated into the music as you would expect on any good Industrial Black Metal release and creates an overall cacophony of musical insanity which should satisfy any and all Industrial Black Metal bands.

If you’re serious about your Industrial Black Metal I would expect that you probably already own the original release of this album, however with re-mastered tracks, two bonus tracks and a bonus DVD included in this re-release of rare live footage from Asker, Norway and Bradford, England. I think this serves as an incentive for old fans and new to check out this band and this album.

Sadly as I am sampling a promo-copy of the album I have not seen the live footage that has been included and cannot comment on the quality of what you’ll get on the DVD but I would love to see it none the less.

In the meantime I’m going to enjoy this excellent relentless pounding mechanical soundtrack to the end of the world and I hope that you guys pick up the album to enjoy it too.

Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait too long for the follow up album Planet Satan this year, if it follows the potential drummed up by this initial release 7 years ago then it’s going to be an absolute stomper!

Review by Joffie Lovett
Track Listing

1. Industries of Inferno
2. The Rest
3. Let the Kingdom Come
4. Wintermass
5. Crypt of Fear
6. Where the Raven Flies
7. In Your Grave
8. In the Last of the Ruins We Search for a New Planet
9. Bonus Track 1
10. Bonus Track 2


Dr. Best - Bass, Programming
Cerastes -Vocals, Guitars
Prime Evil - Vocals, Guitars

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