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Horrible Night
April 2013
Released: 2013, Rise Above Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Heavily detuned guitars - check.

Big, fuzzy bass - check.

Slow, hypnotic drums - check.

All the makings of a doom album then, and I like doom metal! I really do. But I’m sorry Moss, this album is kind of boring.

Horrible Night - horrible album. They’ve gone for a much stripped down approach, and I can appreciate that, but I think they may have taken things a bit too far. Now, I’m fairly easily pleased, especially by music; and this is a genre of music that I enjoy, but Moss seems to have somehow sidestepped everything that is good about it!

Allow me to explain; the riffs are low but carry no weight in the songs; the drums are slow and hypnotic, but rarely carry any sort of groove or continuation; the vocals, while unique, lend next to nothing to the music, and frequently my face involuntarily screws up whilst I’m being shrieked at by someone who doesn’t seem to have heard what he’s supposed to be singing over.

Although, I suppose his job is fairly tough, trying to sing over a monotonous distortion-fest with no direction. I’m going to be honest, (as if I haven’t been already, how dare you) I’ve not heard any of Moss’ previous material, but it seems here like they might be trying to bridge some sort of gap between Electric Wizard and Sunn O))) but the gulf is wide, and they seem to have got a bit lost along the way.

The overall sound is highly acceptable, I was just left wishing they’d put it to better use. With such a lack of flow or comprehensible songmanship, you could theoretically leave any one of the songs on this album playing for the rest of eternity, and not have a clue which part of the song is playing, or even know which song it is. This may be what you look for, in which case I highly recommend this album.

In fact, I hereby recommend everyone listen to this album, just to see if you agree with me. In hindsight, opener ‘Horrible Night’ (boring title) starts off with promise and a hint of groove but around the 5 minute mark, I’ve started to re-arrange the furniture and am looking inside empty bottles, just to leaven the mundanity.

After 2 more minutes of what is essentially someone playing random power-chords over a crash-happy drummer and more shrieking, I have plunged my head into the oven.

The best part of this album is when they sound like other bands.

‘Dreams From The Depths’ is 4 minutes of one riff on a reverb-laden acoustic guitar, with a noise over it. Not an interesting noise - just a noise. And then its straight back into what could be the previous song for all the difference there is. ‘Coral of Chaos’ - what does it even mean?

I’m hoping this horrible review will get read and turn people onto this album, because I’m sure someone out there will love it. Just not I. Sorry Moss. Horrible.

Review by Kevin Griffiths
Track Listing

1. Horrible Night
2. Bleeding Years
3. Dark Lady
4. Dreams From The Depths
5. Coral Of Chaos
6. I Saw Them That Night


Olly Pearson - vocals
Dom Finbow - guitars
Chris Chantler – drums

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