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L Sol Tace
The Carcass of Eternity
April 2013
Released: 2013, Self Released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

You may or may not have previously heard much of London’s L Sol Tace, but fret not; after The Carcass of Eternity (the band’s debut LP) gets spattered across the airwaves, I’m quite certain you will be hearing more of them.

What we essentially have here is a heavily riff-laden groove machine. A Swedish melodeath centered, American groove-metal seasoned but overall modern British metal flavoured, punishing, unremitting, headbanging, slamming debut album from a bunch of talented guys who clearly know how to get the job done. Album opener The Void of God immediately gets my head banging and screw-face on, even on third or fourth listen.

Where so many bands fall short, L Sol Tace succeed in keeping the pace whilst injecting groove into every moment of the song; Startling tempo changes do not matter because in an instant you are nodding along again like some sort of dash-board puppet, before once again being slapped in the face by a new direction of drum and riff. Subtle hooks adorn the chorus and brutality reigns supreme from Anton Swan’s possibly hernia-inducing vocals. As debut album openers go, it’s an effing stonker.

Throughout the album, drums wrestle with guitars for the chance to pound into you moments before the other, dissonant yet melodic lead guitar parts sear just overhead, one Nevermore-sized riff is smashed out the way by the next and the vocals are consistently vying with it all to perforate your eardrums. Upon first listen, midway track Mistress Of The Sun lost my attention slightly, rumbling along nicely but seemingly without anything to grab full hold of my attention.

Upon 2nd listen however, more attention is paid to the songwriting and is well rewarded; just because the hooks are kept subtle does not mean you should pass it over- bad reviewer! Featuring a guest solo from Agamoth of Abgott, (amongst other guest appearances) it is just one example the band’s ability to write a good song without having to resort to big catchy riffs to tempt you in. I believe that is called integrity, something which The Carcass of Eternity has in abundance.

From start to finish, the album is a metallic pleasure to listen to. Production values are high, with every instrument holding it’s own in the sound and the mastered to as high a level as you would ever expect for a debut release.

The guys obviously worked hard on the writing and recording of this release and it shows. Running alongside bands such as Xerath, and with an offering this strong to get things going, a bright future in dealing out neck-ache and tinnitus could await the beast that is L Sol Tace…

Review by Kevin Griffiths
Track Listing

1. The Void Of God
2. Fall
3. Afterlife
4. Mistress Of The Sun
5. Rise
6. Army Of Darkness
7. Sinners Game
8. Decevil
9. Skin


Anton Swan - Vocals
Sam Wallace – Guitar
Sy Taplin - Guitar
Brian Granahan - Bass
James Murphy - Drums

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