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Altor: The King's Blacksmith
April 2013
Released: 2013, Scarlet Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Kaledon has been around forever but oddly enough this is the first review of one of their albums for this site. This Italian Power Metal sextet has been going since 1998 and they already have seven albums out! The bands; first project was a huge concept story-arc called LEGEND OF THE FORGOTTEN REIGN and it took six albums and a decade to complete, second only to Rhapsody’s ten album, 15 year epic. Now that their epic has concluded Kaledon has put out a more straight-ahead song based album called ALTOR:THE KING’S BLACKSMITH, but it still has a storyline running through it. If you are interested there is a long and detailed write-up about the storyline on their web-site. It’s a good storyline, more earthy and realistic, about a English Blacksmith in the dark ages, more specifically his life from 1298-1360 AD.

Still on Scarlet Records, it has been a good three years since the last album and the line-up has stayed stable with the exception of new drummer Luca Marini who has been himself, replaced by Dragonhammer skinsman, Massimiliano Santori. With a good album cover and an excellent production the stage is set for another fantastic epic Italian Power Metal album, and Kaledon do not disappoint!

Kaledon have written and recorded an excellent album of classic Metal. The tone and tempos varies across the album as the story dictates but for the most part the velocity is high and exciting. One of the slow songs, ‘Lilibeth’ is one of the better more heartfelt power-type ballads I have heard in a longtime. It has acoustic guitar, piano and a huge swelling majestic chorus that bring a tear to this Metal eye. The voice of Marco Palazzi has lots of character and his delivery is full of range and emotion. There are many huge gang vocals and choirs to help him fill out the sound. The songs are catchy and nor too epic, most of them have a conventional structure and nothing too long, most of them fall in the 4-6 minute range. The band isn’t too progressive, the songs are simple and strong but they do have a good amount of orchestration and keyboards. The band also added lots of sound effects to accentuate the storyline.

ALTOR, is the quintessential Italian Power Metal album, overblown (in a good way) dramatic, melodic and fast with many classical influences all melded into a strong Metal framework that makes for a very enjoyable album.
Track Listing

1. Innocence
2. Childhood
3. Between The Hammer And The Anvil
4. My Personal Hero
5. Lilibeth
6. A New Beginning
7. Kephren
8. Screams In The Wind
9. A Dark Prison


Marco Palazzi Vocals
Alex Mele Guitar
Tommaso Nemesio Guitar
Daniel Fuligni Keyboards
Paolo Lezziroli Bass, Vocals
Luca Marini Drums

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