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Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa
April 2013
Released: 2013, W.T.C. Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

It was back in 1993 when Finnish Black Metallers ‘Horna’ was formed and with various member line-ups they are still going strong, due to the only original member left being ‘Shatraug’. It was in 2010 when Corvus left the band and vocalist Spellgoth took over. Qraken who had been playing bass live since 2008 also left, deciding to concentrate on his main bands and was then replaced by Hex Inferi, but despite everything Horna are now back with their 9th full length album ‘Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa’.

Starting with a dramatic theatrical intro track ‘Alku’, track 2 ‘Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa’ kicks in with a fast and furious pace with coarse and aggressive vocals. The sound and pace remain the same throughout the album and does seem to have a repetitive sound to each track. There is some great guitaring in the tracks, with the vocals remaining the same tone, but the fast drumming and energy is strong throughout each song, having the old skool classic black metal sound them and also has the production raw quality of the ‘90’s black metal releases.

There is a haunting atmosphere from this album and there are some tracks that stand out more than others with some great lyrics too, filled with evilness. Throughout their releases their lyrics have been from harsh Anti-Christian hatred to Paganism and the Occult, aswell as the mysteries of the dark side of mankind and Satanism.

The band quote; "Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa; is a union of the early days raging hatred with fresh blood and currents. Our ninth full-length is also a step closer to Satan with its lyrical approach, closing in on a necrospiritual atmosphere".

On the whole Horna have produced a great solid album here, and certainly one fans will enjoy and those who love their black metal raw, with the classic elements to them. The album is now out on CD and LP version.

Review by Jo Blackened
Track Listing

01. Alku
02. Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa
03. Kunnia Herralle, Kuninkaalle
04. Kuolema Kuoleman Jälkeen
05. Yhdeksäs Portti
06. Ei Aikaa Kyyneleille
07. Kärsimyksin Vuoltu Hänen Valittuna Äänenään
08. Aamutähden Pyhimys
09. Pala Tai Palvele
10. Ota Omaksesi, Luoksesi


Spellgoth - Vocals (2009-)
Shatraug - Guitar, vocals (1993-)
Infection – Guitar, vocals (2003-)
Hex Inferi - Bass (2012-)
Vainaja - Drums (2006-)

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