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One by One the Wicked Fall
April 2007
Released: 2006, Self-released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Warbringer (previously known as Onslaught) from Newbury Park, CA, are yet another bunch of hungry metallers who trust the power of ´80s-tinged, old school Thrash Metal. I don´t know why all this old school sounding Thrash Metal seems to pop up constantly, but I think it´s just great! There seems to be a pretty vast invasion of new Thrash Metal acts coming especially from the US´ direction. They have decided to stick with the old guns, and make their best out of them. Warbringer is another example of how old school Thrash Metal can be done the right way, without absorbing any influences from today´s metal genres which is actually nothing but cool in my opinion.

On ONE BY ONE..., Warbringer sounds like a band that has stuck to the 80´s, reminding me of many of those classic Thrash Metal bands that I got pleasure from and became familiar with through the tape trading scene back in the day. If someone sincerely told me “Here´s one of those Thrash Metal bands from the ´80s era of Thrash you should listen to”, I would buy it right away without questioning a bit.

What I like about Warbringer most, is these 5 thrashers´ relatively phenomenal ability to capture that ´80s vibe so totally into their songs that you start showing a certain respect towards them for all these achievements incorporated into this 5-song, absolutely kick-ass release. The past Bay Area -feeling is what overall dominates Warbringer´s sound, but also one is able to spot an occasional Iron Maiden influence in slight, small doses. If the lead part (starting from the 2:15 minute mark) in “Road Warrior” isn´t shameless Maiden worship, then nothing is. Also, one can tell such German Thrash troops as Exumer and Destruction have surely had some impact on these fellows´ musical orientation when listening to Warbringer. John Kevill, who´s the band´s vocalist, sounds a lot like Exumer´s Mem von Stein which surely cannot be considered as a bad thing, can it?

Otherwise Warbringer´s old school Thrash is thoroughly irresistible, played with a great ambition and devotion to sound like a Thrash Metal band from the past, two decades ago. So, are they any worth checking out? If that didn´t become quite clear from all those lines above, then start reading this very review all over again...
Track Listing

01. Total War
02. Shoot To Kill
03. Hell on Earth
04. Road Warrior
05. Beneath the Waves


John Kevill - Vocals
John Laux - Guitar
Emilio Hoschet - Guitar
Andy Laux - Bass
Ryan Bates - Drums

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