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Suicidal Angels
Armies of Hell
July 2006
Released: 2005, Evil Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Damn... I love Greece - and especially Suicidal Angels coming out from that particular country. Suicidal Angels, which was formed in early 2001, had no problem finding a musical path they wanted to go through since the day they were born. Old school Thrash Metal was what they loved to listen to, and old school Thrash Metal was all that they wanted to play.

ARMIES OF HELL is the title of these four furious Greek ´propeller-hairs´ new 4-song CD-EP, and even if it´s very easy for me to simply spit out "it´s a true fuckin´ nut-kicker", I´m gonna do just that and spit out the following shameless joy of perception somewhat more determinedly than ever before: "My nuts have seriously been kicked and hurt by Suicidal Angels... and o´ dear goddess of Thrash, that feeling is just so marvellously un-fuckin´-beatable!!".

After the intro which sounds like an exorcism of some sort (and pretty scary!), Suicidal Angels starts an intense thrashing in the first song titled "Crematory", and a listener is thrown straight to the ´80s period of Thrash Metal where bands from Slayer to Kreator ruled these most savage and merciless musical territories of this particular genre. Everything in "Crematory" reeks from some of the best moments that were churned out and captured in the 80s´ era of Thrash Metal. Angry, untamed, straight-to-the-face Thrash with killer and mindless riffs, catchy hooks spiced with perfectly fitting, aggressive vocals! And all that mindless Thrash -beating continues in "Slaughtering Christianity", as well as in the next two songs, "Armies of Hell" and "Screams of Homicide" as a matter of speaking. When listening to these 4 songs on this at least excellent ARMIES OF HELL mini-CD, you cannot help comparing them to the 80´s period Slayer, Kreator, Infernäl Mäjesty and Destruction. I think those 4 particular bands are the ones that an experienced Thrash Metal listener is able to spot out from these 4 songs Suicidal Angels offers on ARMIES OF HELL. And believe me, it didn´t bother me one damn bit even if the cold fact is these four fine Greek fellows have blindlessly recycled a bunch of familiar Thrash riffs and rhythms via their devastatingly brilliant mini-CD. But since they have done it in the name of the old school Thrash Metal, it´s always that kind of thing which can be easily forgiven, right folks? Now let´s us all die by the power of THRASH...!! m/
Track Listing

01. Crematory
02. Slaughtering Christianity
03. Armies of Hell
04. Screams of Homicide


Nick - Vocals & guitar
Themis - Guitar
Christine - Bass
Orpheas - Drums

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