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Welcome Death
April 2010
Released: 2010, Khaosmaster Productions
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The ancient Swedish ground for a lethally charged, unique and nasty black/death metal reigns supreme… Well, what made me to say this is that the Stockholm-based Spazmosity simply sounds so badass and murderous on their debut album, WELCOME DEATH.

The band was formed back in 1994 – and like so many other bands, it´s been a rough journey even for Spazmosity to fight their way through all the way on their debut album, which has finally been released by Khaosmaster Productions from Puerto Rico. Then again, it's gotta be said that the band´s visit to the Necromorbus studio in March 2008 seems to have paid off for them really well regarding the wicked and demonic sounding material on their debut record, titled WELCOME DEATH.

Spazmosity plays a perfect mixture of black and death metal, the Swedish way – the way only Swedish metal musicians only seem to be capable of doing it so well. The band´s music is a fine blend of harmonious, melodic, dark and twisted black and death that basically harks back to the times when such Swedish messengers of death as Dissection, Naglfar, Sacrilege and the like, churned out their debut full-length releases (through No Fashion and Wrong Again Records; two very quality Swedish metal labels back in the day). Back then, it was something new to blend some melodic elements and horizons black painting atmospheres into black and death metal – and naturally the Swedes were the first to do it, as always.

Spazmosity have finely re-captured the same spirit and feel of those times on their songs on their debut album, and there´s no way one would not like what they do in terms of having some Dissection, Naglfar, etc. worship going on this record. However, Spazmosity have done their thing with heavier hands – and of course a very good production has also a lot to do with the amazingly catchy outcome of Spazmosity´s crushing and all-mangling WELCOME DEATH. The songs are simply oozing all those necessary and mandatory ingredients of this early Swedish melo-black/death metal scene that make WELCOME DEATH such a pleasing and enjoyable experience to welcome with open arms.

Spazmosity rule in every single area upon deeper analysis of their songs that pretty much fulfill most of our expectations about a great Swedish-made black/death metal record. Picking up the most ear-nailing tracks out from this opus, seem to be kinda mission impossible for me at the moment, even if I cannot deny such songs as a violent and fierce-sounding “Regicide” – having Ola Lindgren from Grave doing the guest vocals (now also being a permanent member of the Spazmosity´s death troops), as well as heavily grinding “Forged by Steel”, have something in both of them that make me feel more attracted to them for some strange reason(s).

Nonetheless, WELCOME DEATH rules the ruins – and it definitely is one of the better and convincingly made black and death metal albums that I have had the privilege to hear from the fertile Swedish soil. Do yourself a favor and get it for yourself.
Track Listing

01. Regicide
02. Iron Coffin
03. Predule
04. Forged by Steel
05. March of Death
06. 13 Miller´s Court
07. The Ancient Art
08. The Infernal Dynasty
09. Panopticon


Peter Emanuelsson - Vocals
Björn Thellberg - Guitar
Mikael Lamming - Guitar
Mikael Nordström - Bass
Dimitri Jungi - Drums

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