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Ravage Machinery
The Dystopian Tide
December 2011
Released: 2011, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Ravage Machinery have been toiling in the underground for a few years now and after a pair of demos, they have released their debut EP. THE DYSTOPIAN TIDE is a four cut release in a slimline jewel case. The booklet comes with notes, lyrics and a picture of the band. The cover art is a classic image of a deconstructed cyborg, perhaps a representation of the struggle of man vs. technology. Everything looks professional and well done.

As always it is the music that counts and the four songs are display here are very enjoyable. This quintet from Finland play a very nice blend of Death/Thrash but with a bit more emphasis on the Death, especially in the vocals of Jukka Haarla, which are guttural and intense but still sung, not just barked. The guitars have a bit of the Swedish Death Metal tonality with some very nice soloing spread around the songs, it’s not just always fast. I especially enjoyed the guitar work on ‘Lethal Slavery’.

The songs are not just a blitzkrieg of speed there is certainly some nice harmony and melody going on, but let me be clear no ‘core’ or ‘nu’ elements at all. It’s not like an In Flames for example, it’s far more pure in terms of real Metal. This album is heavy as hell, quite intense and there are even a few blast-beats in the cut, ‘Collapse To Retaliate’. I also enjoyed the drumming quite a bit changing from fast to slow with ease and some nice rolls and fills and some nice work on the cymbals.

Ravage Machinery have entered the metal game with a very strong effort. The four songs I hope are a preview of greater things to come and I know it’s a cliche but I’m confident a label will pick these guys up quite soon.

* Editors note: Dec 3rd, 2011. Originally in my review I had commented that the booklet was lacking some features. Those comments were a mistake on my part. The CD does come with a booklet. I have since altered my original review and score. My sincere apologies to the band, their fans and management.
Track Listing

1. Thus I Serve
2. Lethal Slavery
3. Collapse to Retaliate
4. March of the Consumed


Jukka Haarala-Vocals
Simo Pasma-Guitar
Tuomas Valtanen-Guitar
Rauli Alaruikka-Bass
Jani Suopajärvi-Drums

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