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Confusion Bay
April 2004
Released: 2004, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Hot damn is CONFUSION BAY catchy! I have to say I haven’t been this taken aback with a new band in awhile. Denmark’s Raunchy have created a CD the combines a dual guitar attack, heavy keyboard use, some killer drumming and excellent harmonized vocals. They call their music “futuristic hybrid metal” and I would have to agree with that description. The music is heavy but melodic with nods to their European metal forefathers, Strapping Young Lad and Fear Factory. Riffs are everywhere here and the band is able to blend catchiness with heaviness without coming off as forced or commercial.

“Join The Scene,” “I Get What I See,” “Summer of Overload” and “Watch Out” open the CD and do not let up. The tracks are filled with insane riffing and keyboard use that is a throwback to COLONY-era In Flames and Soilwork’s last two releases. “9-5” and “Morning Rise And A Friday Night” feature heavy thrash riffs that can be likened to what Shadows Fall is doing. “Insane” combines the heavy thrash element with a snappy chorus that alternates between a clean and gruff-styled vocal. The title song is a mid-tempo track that for lack of a better word is, again, catchy. Writing great choruses and memorable hooks seems to come naturally to Raunchy and they do it well—and often—on CONFUSION BAY. Unfortunately, when things go bad, they go VERY BAD. “The Devil” is a slow, plodding track with a horrendous monotone vocal that sticks out like a sore thumb from the rest of this record. Where did this come from? Is this even the same band??

The only complaint that I can muster is the band’s name. Raunchy?!?! Please, for the love of God, change the name! Try typing “Raunchy” into any search engine. Do you think you’ll find information on and links to the Danish band? That aside, if melodic, modern metal is your cup of tea, get CONFUSION BAY. It’s slick, the fellas are magazine cover-pretty and the music is catchy. Everything metalheads hate! The earlier comparisons to Soilwork and In Flames will have scared away a lot of readers already, but if you’ve made it this far you’ll like CONFUSION BAY.

KILLER KUTS: “”Join The Scene,” “I Get What I See,” “Summer of Overload,” “Watch Out”
Track Listing

1. Join The Scene
2. I Get What I See
3. Summer Of Overload
4. Watch Out
5. 9-5
6. Show Me Your Real Darkness
7. Confusion Bay
8. The Devil
9. Insane
10. Morning Rise And A Friday Night
11. Bleeding #2


Lars Vognstrup—Vocals
Jesper Tilsted—Guitars
Lars Christensen—Guitars
Jesper Kvist—Bass
Jeppe Christensen—Keyboards/Vocals
Morten Toft Hansen—Drums

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