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September 2010
Released: 2009, Stormspell Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Blackened, violent and unholy thrash from Querétaro, Mexico. Now what band might that be, you may ask? It´s Profanator – and they kill! Got it?

Speaking of the background of them a little bit for starters, they had earlier released their 9-song debut album titled LIBIDO CLERICO, on Mexican Magnicidio Records in 2005 (which obviously is a pretty hard-to-find item these days, I assume) – and the band´s follow-up album, DEATHPLAGUED, was released in spring this year by the San Jose-based Stormspell Records.

Oh boy, DEATHPLAGUED must be one of the most frenzied, aggressive, brutal and definitely straight and hard-against-yer-fuckin´-face thrash metal albums I´ve had a pleasure to get my hands on in a long time. Imagine some sort of crossbreeding between Slayer´s DIVINE INTERVENTION album and full-scale thrashing warfare offered exclusively by such mad thrash catapults like Morbid Saint, early Sadus and early Dark Angel in order to get a picture. On DEATHPLAGUED these four Mexican fellows rage around like testosterone-packed, horny bulls at a redneck whorehouse, t(h)rashing walls down and floors up with diabolic grins spread all over their faces – causing mass havoc, chaos and confusion the best they possibly can.

The riffs are wicked, smoke-filled and piercing through every hole, drumming is insane and vocals are absolutely demonically hysteric and insane on this record – and there´s no way a devoted thrash metal fan could completely ignore these guys´ malevolent and all holy raping, blackened thrash attacks that have more sharp nails in it than Jesus Christ ever got around his head.

This is fuckin´ vicious and brutal thrash with great balls fully on fire. They crush – they kill – they thrill – and they mummify your lifeless corpse after raping it over and over again, for further use. Now the question is, are you ready to meet these infamous, fully armed and savage thrash monsters from Mexico?
Track Listing

01. Faith No More
02. Ways of Perdition
03. Bad Girls
04. Unfrightful So Dead Sons of a Bitch
05. Crackonjuring
06. Voices in My Head
07. Narcolatry
08. Trialed in Agony
09. Deathplagued
10. Epidemic*

* Slayer cover


Tlacuilo - Vocals
Antimo "Gordo" Buonnano - Guitar
Chamako - Bass
Alejandro Franco - Drums

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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