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Primordial Domination
October 2006
Released: 2006, Listenable Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

“You want more fuckin´ metal...!!?”. Yes please, I do.

The infamous Incantation have reached another milestone in their fifteen year career, introducing their 7th full-length album, titled PRIMORDIAL DOMINATION, in form of 9 new blasphemous attacks. For those of you ignorant fucks who aren´t aware of this fine Death Metal group named Incantation, originally hailing from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, is only a few of those bands that have remained extremely truthful and loyal to their original roots since they started out, which is nothing but a very respectable thing in them for staying truthful for themselves for that long period of time. So, if you somehow expect them to sound a bit ´different´ on their latest 9-song effort, and firmly believe they would have sort of ´expanded´ their sound to some new, ´yet-to-be-explored´ musical territories, then stop any further thinking right there, ok?

On PRIMORDIAL DOMINATION Incantation´s recipe for so-called ´New York Death Metal style´ has stayed untouched, and they still sound (somewhat) the same band that did the absolute classic Incantation albums back in the day, ONWARD TO GOLGOTHA (their 1st) and DIABOLICAL CONQUEST (their 4th), considered by many of their fans. In fact, Incantation´s ominous, mid-paced - and of course most importantly, well-recognized Death Metal sound is more like kind of force of an institution itself nowadays to be reckoned with that many adore and respect simply because of the band´s faithfulness towards their stuff over the years of the existence. Therefore, sort of an in-depth analysis about PRIMORDIAL DOMINATION is somewhat unnecessary and sort of waste of time as it most probably wouldn´t bring anything new or unheard things to the attention of those people who have followed the band since the beginning. All what can be said about them if you have ever been a fan of Incantation, then there´s no reason why you should skip this newest album of theirs either. And if you have never heard them before, but are curious to check them out, then nothing can stop you checking this very album out from them first. Or, you may start from the band´s legendary debut record ONWARD TO GOLGOTHA (which will soon be re-released by Relapse Records), and then check all of their previous albums out in a chronological order. It really doesn´t matter which way you start picking up their albums ´coz Incantation is Incantation and nothing can change that. I for one love them because of their 100% bullet-proof dedication and commitment to their own distinctive sound, and that´s what it´s all about on PRIMORDIAL DOMINATION, too. Grim, diabolic, mid-paced, Christians-slaving - and yes, old school Death Metal is what´s PRIMORDIAL DOMINATION is all about, more than anything really - and if your level of satisfaction can be fulfilled by the aforementioned synonyms for Death Metal, here´s something for you. Incantation... another name to sum up what´s old school Death fuckin´ Metal all about. It´s actually as simple as that. Period!
Track Listing

01. Primordial Domination
02. The Fallen Priest
03. Dissolute Rule / Begin Apocalypse
04. Hailed Babylon
05. Lead to Desolation
06. Doctrines of Reproach
07. The Stench of Crucifixion
08. Extirpated Dominus
09. Conquered God


John McEntee - Vocals & guitar
Kyle Severn - Drums
Joe Lombard - Bass

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