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From the Cradle to the Chamber EP 2007
March 2007
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Old school Thrash Metal is always a welcomed thing amongst us old school Thrash-suckers, right? Here´s more of that old school Thrash, this time being offered from a sector Hollywood-Glendale-Sundale, United States of America.

HeXeN, featuring a furious and madly thrashing foursome, is able to create such a high-octave adrenaline rush on their latest 4-song EP that owners of weaker hearts could be better to carry on their nitros with them before they let this tornado hit them. Now if that wasn´t an effective enough commercial speech for HeXeN´s new output, then make each of your own then - is it a deal, folks?

The band´s both carrying - and driving force must be a very seamless and tight chemistry between each of the members in the band simply for that tiny, but not an unimportant reason by any means, these four fellows must share the very same musical interests for being able to make this strongly sounding and ear-capturing old school Thrash Metal. They have an excellent pair of guitarists, killer and aggressive vocalist who truly delivers - and a badass drummer in the very same band (or wait - a last minute update: They are looking for another badass drummer as Greg left the band after this recording!), and that´s really all you need to stand out as a great sounding and killer Thrash -team. A pure coincidence or not, but “Gas Chamber”, the first song off from this 4-track demo, sounds a lot like this one Hobbs Angel of Death song called “Lucifers Domain”. What comes to some other familiar sounding elements, I really like Andre´s vocals as his voice reminds me very much of Don Doty´s brilliant vocalism on DARKNESS DESCENDS. It also makes me to wonder whether Andre is Don´s little brother or something due to his very Don Dot´ish vocal parts on this 4-track EP. I personally wouldn´t be surprised at all if he was as he sounds so much like Don from Dark Angel indeed.

Seriously, it´s not fair when there´s so talented and skilled bands like HeXeN in the metal scene these days that are without a recording deal whereas many – well, let´s spit it out straight, “shitty” and “untalented” bands get signed even by their first, rehearsal standard demos already. The music industry has undoubtedly lost its credibility a long time ago, being in a sort of leading strings of going and coming trends for way too long. So, let´s at least hope some labels could wake up from this deep coma and start hunting those most talented, trend-free metal bands again that truly deserve to get singed in the first place. Hmmm... Maybe Old School Metal Records?
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Gas Chamber
03. Seditions in Peacetime
04. Past Life
05. Chaos Aggressor


Andre Hartoonian - Vox & bass
Tak Arayan - Guitars
Ronny Dorian - Guitars
Greg Maksudyan - Drums

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