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Ballet of the Brute
July 2004
Released: 2004, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

With The Crown deciding to pack it in, Denmark’s Hatesphere usurp the top position as best European death/thrash group. BALLET OF THE BRUTE is their latest offering and the boys have only gotten better since 2002’s BLOODRED HATRED. Employing equal parts Shadows Fall, At the Gates and The Haunted, Hatesphere’s music is intense, aggressive and even catchy. There isn’t a single song that doesn’t contain speedy riffs, harsh vocals and some big ol’ double bass…NICE!!

Kicking off the proceedings with a stunning instrumental finds “The Beginning and the End” chock full of heavy riffs, huge drums and a frantic bass line. Usually intros are short, quiet, reserved pieces; not this one! “Deathtrip” gets heads banging and bodies flailing with its speedy riffs and killer vocals. While it’s less than two minutes long, this is the heaviest track on the CD and a real standout. “Vermin” and “What I See I Despise” feature some big drums, fast, infectious riffs and great solos. “Last Cut, Last Head” is a bit slower-paced with some very pronounced riffs that show these guys can certainly play behind all the aggression found elsewhere. There are two cover songs that are tacked on the end but not marked anywhere. Hatesphere takes on Ozzy Osbourne’s “Bark at the Moon” and Anthrax’ “Caught in a Mosh” (both were on last year’s SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING BLACK E.P.) injecting so much fury into the Ozzy track that it is barely recognizable. They do an excellent job with both covers though I am preferential to the Ozzy track.

BALLET OF THE BRUTE is an excellent addition to this year’s roster of killer metal releases. This band is on the road to become a major player and this CD should get them in the game.

KILLER KUTS: “The Beginning and the End,” “Deathtrip,” “Vermin,” “What I See I Despise,” “Last Cut, Last Head”
Track Listing

1. The Beginning and the End (Instrumental)
2. Deathtrip
3. Vermin
4. Downward to Nothing
5. Only the Strongest...
6. What I See I Despise
7. Last Cut, Last Head
8. Warhead
9. Blankeyed
10. 500 Dead People
11. Bark at the Moon (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
12. Caught in a Mosh (Anthrax cover)


Jacob Bredahl—Vocals
Peter Lyse Hansen—Guitars
Henrik Jacobsen—Guitars
Mikael Ehlert—Bass
Anders Gyldenohr—Drums

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