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Demonic Resurrection
The Return to Darkness
March 2010
Released: 2010, Demonstealer Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

India´s most known metallers nowadays, Demonic Resurrection, are closing one chapter in their relatively long career, which started way back at the verge of this new millennium. The band has had this ´darkness´ theme going on for the last 3 albums - on their latest opus, titled THE RETURN TO DARKNESS, they have come to the very end of this chapter.

THE RETURN TO DARKNESS contains 10 new tracks from this talented Indian metal bunch, and they have made quite a return with their 3rd album indeed, returning back to their dark, twisted and partly keyboard-driven black/death metal, but this time also adding some elements into their new songs that also could well be taken from some power and symphonic metal bands´ repertoire of riffs, keyboard dominated parts and stuff. Demonic Resurrection, however, have been careful for not losing for all that what they are, believing firmly in what they have done before, counting on the darker and more twisted side of their existence that however, still is their sort of trademark-ish murky sound in one way or the other. This has uncompromisingly been proved in such songs as “The Unrelenting Surge of Vengeance" (they have even done an official video for this song) and a breathtakingly catchy and riff fest-filled “Bound by Blood, Fire and Stone”. Both songs are among the best songs Demonic Resurrection has ever penned during their 10-years career, most definitely.

Going further toward more epic fields of the band´s whole musical territory, Demonic Resurrection´s one of the most ambitious works ever, must be a song called “Lord of Pestilence”, clocking over at 11-minute mark. It´s one epic and pompous type of song, having many different layers attached to it, and therefore it never gets tedious or boring for listeners. Everything in this tune sounds like they have spent some sleepless days and nights when putting this somewhat massive puzzle together, one by one, piece by piece. Then again, a song like “The Final Stand” shows how diverse sounding material Demonic Resurrection can throw out actually on this album. There´s some symphonic orientated stuff, clean vocal parts, familiar Maiden type of guitar melodies (starting from the 3:09 minute mark), CoB-flavored stuff, etc. in this highly varied tune, giving more certain shades for the outcome of this brilliant recorded album. “Between Infinity and Oblivion” and “Dismembering the Fallen” are both pretty much Dimmu Borgir type of worship, including some raging blackened madness accompanied with some clean vocal and keyboard-driven sections.

So, Demonic Resurrection closes this ´darkness´ trilogy on their 3rd album, doing it in even a greater way than I expected them to do in the first place. In other words it could be said that Demonic Resurrection´s return to darkness was very well accomplished.
Track Listing

01. Between Infinity and Oblivion
02. Where Dreams and Darkness Unite
03. The Warriors Return
04. A Tragedy Befallen
05. The Unrelenting Surge of Vengeance
06. Bound by Blood, Fire and Stone
07. Lord of Pestilence
08. Dismembering the Fallen
09. The Final Stand
10. Omega,I


Demonstealer - Vocals & guitar
Daniel Rego - Guitar
Husain - Bass
Virendra Kaith - Drums
Mephisto - Keyboards

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