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Cauldron Born
...And Rome Shall Fall
September 2002
Released: 2002, Underground Symphony
Rating: 3.8/5
Reviewer: Rick

Have you ever been told to check out a band but never had the opportunity? Cauldron Born has been one of those bands for me. On many occasions I have set out to attain something from Cauldron Born’s catalogue only to come back with a single mp3. That doesn’t really do a band justice. Not too long ago I opened my mailbox and lo and behold, there was the new Cauldron Born disc …AND ROME SHALL FALL. I added it to my pile of CDs to review and after a day or 2 I popped it on. Well damn if this isn’t a good CD. Traditional metal is what Cauldron Born play and damn but they are good at it. Formed in 1994 by guitarist/songwriter Howie Bentley, the band released their first demo in 1994 called SWORDS, SORCERYAND SCIENCE. They then signed to Italy’s Underground Symphony Records and released their debut CD, BORN OF THE CAULDRON, in 1997. Their second album called GOD OF METAL was released in 1998 and contained early demos from the band. There was a vocalist change and Cauldron Born set out to record their third CD that became …AND ROME SHALL FALL.

“By This Axe I Rule” opens the CD and sets the tone for what will be the Cauldron Born experience. This tune is vaguely reminiscent of Iron Maiden and is followed by the title track. Vocalist David Louden has established after these 2 songs that he has a dynamic voice that is capable of reaching the highest notes and fits well with Bentley’s early vision of a band influenced by Maiden, Fates Warning, Dio and King Diamond. The next 2 tracks are among my favourites on the CD. “Finder of the Black Stone” is a burner that is followed by the slower yet no less intense “Blood Bath in the Arena” which of course is about the violent and brutal games that took place in the Roman Arena.

Cauldron Born fit into the same metal niche as Seven Witches, Iced Earth, Onward and Steel Prophet. Howie Bentley and company create pounding traditional metal that is timeless. Underground Symphony has a real gem here and with any luck Cauldron Born will soon be a name known far and wide in the metal world.
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