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Avenger of Blood
Complete Annihilation
July 2005
Released: 2005, JCM Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

FUCKINNGGG TTHHRRRAASSHHH...!!!! One of the hottest, truest and most talented old school Thrash Metal acts comes from the most sun-burnt fields of Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. – and that band is known as Avenger of Blood. The band was formed in 2003 by Eric guitar and Shannon drums, and this duo quite soon entered Trident Studios and recorded a 3-song demo which was rapidly spred around the underground Metal scene and overall received an incredible amount of positive response from everywhere, and basically nearly from everyone. But when listening to Avenger of Blood´s debut album, very fittingly titled COMPLETE ANNIHILATION which was recorded at Maurotone Studios in Las Vegas in October last year, I don´t wonder a bit any more why they seem to be so popular amongst thrashers on this planet.

To get the facts straight as for starters, there´s at least four bands that come to my mind somewhat easily when spinning COMPLETE ANNIHILATION around in a CD –player; those bands being old Kreator, old Destruction, old Slayer and Exhorder. So in the other words, the Avenger of Blood –mob has quite a thrash-tastically great recipe in their pockets, hasn´t they? The band indeed sounds extremely fuckin´ good, wicked and ready to crush your skull by the first hit – and the funny thing is it makes you beg for more... and more... and more!! The band´s vocalist Eric has a great tendency to sound like a younger version from Mille of Kreator whereas the whole Avenger of Blood´s death squad has been able to combine nicely and very successfully some of the best bits and pieces from all those 4 bands mentioned above.

So, to spit it out as honestly as possible, if you have ever considered either old Slayer or old Destruction or old Kreator or Exhorder as one of your favorite bands, then there´s no way Avenger of Blood wouldn´t grab your attention right from the first moments. This furious foursome bunch chills, thrills and finally truly kills by the ten furiously thrashing and mangling songs they have got for this release – and they should feel damn proud of creating something this intensive, ear-capturing and absolutely annihilating for their debut record.

If this all didn´t make you convinced enough how damn fuckin´ good and ´hot´ (as a reference to their music only!) they are, then keep on listening to Shit-Knot and... (?), keep on jerking ´til your balls drop off, you ignorant fool!
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Complete Annihilation
3. Scent of Death
4. Bound by Torment
5. Tyrants of the Bloodlands
6. Where the Pictures Lie
7. Trapped in Time
8. Violent Epiphany
9. Everlasting Plague


Eric – Vocals & Guitar
Nathan – Guitar
Shawn - Bass
Shannon - Drums

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