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October 2013
Released: 2013, UDR Music
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Having never followed Annihilator’s music throughout the years but I have always liked “Alice In Hell” and a few other tunes that I heard. Their METAL release from a few years back is amongst my collection and has gotten many plays since it’s release. When I heard they had a new album coming I was interested in hearing it.

FEAST is the band’s 14th studio release.which is no small feat especially this day in age. With many member changes over the years Waters still releases albums under the Annihilator name. Naysayers may complain that it isn’t the original line-up so it isn’t Annihilator but Jeff is Annihilator. Either way you want to look at this, FEAST is one hell of an album. It is everything you’d want in a Metal album from over the top amazing guitar to some killer drums. Beginning with the ultra-fast “Deadlock” how can you go wrong?

FEAST is an all out Metal assault on your brain. Every song is a winner even the slower ones (and I am not talking sappy, cheesy ballads here) are enjoyable to listen to. This album ay take a spin or two to really grow on you but once you give it a chance it will be one of your favorite albums of the year.
Track Listing

01    Deadlock
02    Smear Campaign
04    No Surrender
05    Wrapped
06    Perfect Angel Eyes
07    Demon Code
08    Fight The World
09    One Falls, Two Rise

Bonus disc: "RE-KILL (best of rerecorded 2012)"

01    Fun Palace
02    Alison Hell
03    King Of The Kill
04    Never, Neverland
05    Set The World On Fire
06    Welcome To Your Death W.T.Y.D.
07    Nozone
08    Bloodbath
09    21
10    Stonewall
11    Ultra Motion
12    Time Bomb
13    Refresh The Demon
14    Word Salad
15    Brain Dance


Jeff Waters guitars and vocals
Dave Padden lead vocals
Mike Harshaw drums
Alberto Campuzano bass



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