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Amount to Nothing
February 2001
Released: 2000, Producto del Diablo
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

I’ve been putting off reviewing this disc for some time now because I simply haven’t known what to say about it. Even now I’m not too sure how to describe it, however, the deadline looms, so off I go! Yakuza play an intriguing mix of metal, punk, acid jazz, and whatever else crosses their minds during the course of a song. After a short intro, the CD really gets going with the speedy “Sweetest Day”. Picture Exciter doing a punk song but with some strange musical breakdowns in the middle, and you’ve basically got it. Don’t ask me what you’ve got, but there it is. The song serves to highlight two things about Yakuza: the band’s overall chops, and vocalist Bruce Lamont’s occasional Stephen Percy imitation, which I’m sure is completely unintentional. Check out 1:35-1:40 of “Sweetest Day” for proof. Overall though, Bruce’s vocals are a slightly teched-sounding shout that suits the anger inherent in the music.

After “Sweetest Day” the band proves that they are truly intent on pursuing their artistic vision, even if it seriously fucks with the listener. “Compremisis” is an alternately fast then slow, stop/start song that is oddly enjoyable despite its strangeness. Don’t even get me started on the mindfucks that the band calls “Turkish Goggles” and “The Stranger”. I feel like my head is going to explode just writing this review.

Whether you like Yakuza or not, and I’m still not sure if I do despite listening to this album numerous times, you’ve got to give them credit for coming up with something entirely original. This is one wild ride. Trust me, you’ve never heard anything like this before.

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