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Voodoo Hill
Wild Seed of Mother Earth
July 2004
Released: 2004, Frontiers Records/Atenzia Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The guitarist and songwriter are the leader of this band. Dario formed already –81 his own band called Crossbones and they did a lot of shows. In –86 met Dario the producer Kit Woolven (Thin Lizzy, Cradle of Filth and UFO) and a friendship that lasts today began. When Crossbone were laid to rest he used his time to practice to become more technical on guitar and besides that he also built his own studio.

After some time he gathered some friends to start a new project called The Cage, this time he had the old Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin in mind as being a singer and he accepted. With Tony Martin behind the mic there was also a follow up by The Cage and now he also had ex. Blue Murder bassist Tony Franklin with him. Mollo is now very famous worldwide with his impressive guitar play and his ability to write songs.

“WILD SEED OF MOTHER EARTH” is the second album with Voodoo Hill and I don’t have any info note about this band but it seems like the line-up has gone through some changes since the last album. Mollo worked real hard during the last year to create the best album he could.

Mollo himself has produced this 11-track album but I don’t know in which studio. He has done a terrific job behind the mixing table and he has created a heavy and powerful sound on the album with Mr. Hughes taking a big space in the sound picture.

This is described simply as hardrock and I can agree with that for once but that dosen’t say so much about the music though. If I should dissect this I would describe it as 80’s hardrock that somewhat sounds bluesy with a melodic touch combined with 70’s retro-hardrock in the background that sometimes entirely takes over the mix. Mr. Hughes says that this is the heaviest thing he’s ever sung on and I won’t contradict him on that. He’s solo albums hasn’t been considered heavy (not by me anyway) and on this album he gets a chance to use his voice fully. On this album he shows that he really can sing and he is quite impressive actually. Mollo also gets a chance to show off his skills on guitar and he certainly knows how to handle a guitar.

“MAKE BELIEVE”; DYING TO LIVE”; “MY EYES DON’T SEE IT”;”SHE CAST NO SHADOW” and “NOTHING STAYS THE SAME” are all heavy 80’s hardrock with riffing guitars with Mr. Hughes at the top of the mix. “STILL EVERGREEN” here it’s full speed ahead on everyone in the band. It’s pure 80’s hardrock influenced by 70’s retro hardrock in the bottom, it’s a real technical song.

“ATMOSPHERE” and “SOUL PROTECTOR” are blues/70’s hardrock tracks. It’s very technical tracks with a lot of tempo changes. Mollo dazzles in a longer guitar solo, Mr. Hughes gets a little screamy in his vocals just like in Deep Purple through parts of the track. Then its time for the title track “WILD SEED OF MOTHER EARTH” which is a slow and ballad like song before the whole band joins in and it becomes more of an up-tempo ballad. This is one of the weaker songs on the whole album I think. “16 GUNS” is another slow ballad before the tempo rises, after that it’s kind of a bluesy track. Mr. Hughes gets a lot of help in the chorus and also in this song there are a lot of tempo changes. “CAN’T STOP FALLING” begins with an intro with just guitar/drums before it turns into a 70’s hardrock track. It has a very sing a long friendly chorus and Mr. Hughes really shows that he’s the “voice of rock” with his enormous voice capacity.

Mollo and Mr. Hughes deliver a very strong album except for some weaker songs and sometimes Mr. Hughes has a tendency to be a bit screamish and that is not to his benefit. The info note says that this should be a timeless masterpiece something that I can’t agree with at all. The album is strong but I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece.

Partly this album has some very strong material and the production sounds great but it takes a bit more than that to create a real masterpiece. Mollo has created an interesting mix of 80’s bluesy hardrock combined with 70’s retro-rock.
Track Listing

Make believe
Dying to live
Still evergreen
Wild seed of mother earth
My eyes don’t see it
Can’t stop falling
Nothing stays the same
Soul Protector
She cast no shadow
16 guns


Dario Mollo – guitar
Glenn Hughes – lead vocals
Roberto Gualdi – drums
Dario Patti – keyboard
Fulvio Gaslini – bass

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