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Eparistera Daimones
May 2010
Released: 2010, Prowling Death Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Thomas Gabriel Fischer has nothing to prove to you. As the principal architect behind Hellhammer and Celtic Frost, Fischer’s body of work is the reason that most of your favorite bands exist today. Two years since Celtic Frost’s very public dissolution, Fischer could have easily opted to rest on his laurels and bask in the afterglow of his evil legacy, but nooooo. To the contrary, Fischer has assembled a new band and recorded an album of new material that’s arguably some of the best in his career. Triptykon is the band, EPARISTERA DAIMONES is the album, and yes – it’s as good as Fischer has promised it to be.

Picking up on the heavier themes that carried much of Celtic Frost’s MONOTHEIST, EPARISTERA DAIMONES is a dark and brooding epic. The detuned guitars that open “Goetia” deliver the sense of foreboding that only Fischer can deliver and set the expectation of what to expect from Triptykon. One of Fischer’s many talents has been his ability to take what appears to be a simple piece of music and make it into something spectacular, and it’s this strategy that makes EPARISTERA DAIMONES such a beast. The band exploits what are relatively minimal arrangements, punctuating the heavier points throughout each song with sonic emphasis, which in turn creates a very intense listening experience. Recognizing that one good punch to the gut stings a lot longer that a flurry of jabs, the riffs are slow and drawn out, continuing to resonate throughout the progression of each song. Some may be put off by the slower pace of the album, but taken in its complete context; EPARISTERA DAIMONES is a methodically precise beating.

Though there’s definitely an intended musical theme here, the album succeeds in offering some variety to keep you on the hook. “A Thousand Lies” is reminiscent of earlier Frost material, incorporating some of the blackened thrash elements associated with that band, accompanied by Fischer’s maniacal screams. “Myopic Empire” continues the dirge theme, but has a sinister groove in the chorus that’s remarkably catchy. “My Pain” is a traditionally somber goth tune, incorporating the soft vocals of bassist Vanja Slajh on top of some simple keyboards and programming. Its serenity snatches you out of your comfort zone, but it’s equally as unsettling as any of the heavier stuff on the disc. And if “Goetia” is the alpha, then “The Prolonging” is the omega. Sharing similar themes and sentiments with the album opener, it resurrects that same feeling of peril that you felt when you first pressed play, drawing you down, deeper into the void.

The open ended production values on the album help to keep the spooky factor at a “10”. Sounding wide and expansive, the notes and melodies hang in the air, permeating throughout the musical abyss. Coupled with some of Fischer’s best vocal work yet and some genuinely creepy cover art (courtesy of the legendary H.R. Giger), and you’ve got yourself a good time. Capitalizing on the best parts of Fischer’s former associations, Triptykon has taken those pieces and pushed them into bold new creative territory, creating something fresh yet familiar in the process. EPARISTERA DAIMONES is a powerfully menacing experience that is not to be missed.
Track Listing

2.Abyss Within My Soul
3.In Shrouds Decayed
5.A Thousand Lies
7.Myopic Empire
8.My Pain
9.The Prolonging


Thomas Gabriel Fischer - Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Norman Lonhard - Drums, Percussion
V. Santura - Guitars, Vocals
Vanja Slajh – Bass

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Eparistera Daimones
May 2010
Released: 2010, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Demonator

As verbose and miserable as the man who created it, Triptykon is a name that’s been bandied about by Thomas Gabriel Fischer for the best part of two in a series of endlessly long-winded blogs. True to form, the former Celtic Frost lieutenant has run the gamut of hyperbole in his attempts to describe his latest project as the heavy metal equivalent of the Mona Lisa, but now that EPARISTERA DAIMONES is finally due to hit shelves, the only question that truly needs answering is whether this record can rock out with the best of his back catalogue.

Mercifully it does and then some. Underlined about two minutes into opener "Goetia", and stamped down with authority over all but the disc's disappointingly shaky finale, Triptykon's onslaught is almost relentlessly menacing and constantly draped in a coal-black shroud. Fischer sounds fantastic, both when he snarls his way through a sprawling rocker like "Myopic Empire" and when he channels his inner Pete Steele on "In Shrouds Decayed". His bandmates back him up superbly, helped in no small degree by a stellar production job, courtesy of old man Tom himself.

Really the album's only drawback is the closing track. Not content with displaying his Yoda-like grasp of atmospheric black and death metal fundamentals, Fischer takes us on a sonic sojourn that's part Swans and part teenage sex fantasy. Dragging on for what feels like hours, it rarely captures the overriding sense of angst present elsewhere. Don't let that put you off however, for literally every other minute on EPARISTERA DAIMONES screams classic.
Track Listing

1. "Goetia"
2. "Abyss Within My Soul"
3. "In Shrouds Decayed"
4. "Shrine"
5. "A Thousand Lies"
6. "Descendant"
7. "Myopic Empire"
8. "My Pain"
9. "The Prolonging"


Thomas Gabriel Fischer - Voice, Guitar, Programming
V. Santura - Guitar, Vocals
Norman Lonhard - Drums
Vanja Slajh - Bass

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