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The Glasspack
April 2004
Released: 2004, Small Stone Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Y’know, I realize that it takes a lot of work for a band to write music, record an album, go out on tour, relax for a bout five seconds, and then do it all over again. The fact that most bands go through the whole process in about two years is quite astounding if you think about it. Still, isn’t it always a kickass surprise when a band manages to get an album out almost every year? This brings me to The Glasspack. The band has only been in existence since 1999, but they’ve somehow managed to put out three full length albums since 2001. In between those releases, the band has also managed to put more than 15,000 miles under their collective belts on various tours around North America. Talk about dedication to your art. A few more bands like this and people would quickly run out of money buying albums and going to shows every night. Anyway, just who are The Glasspack and what the hell is a BRIDGEBURNER?

Well, I’ll spare you the details on who the band is; suffice it to say that they all rock. Hard. With a vicious rock assault reminiscent of * insert various hard rocking 70s bands here *, The Glasspack rock and party like it’s a 1975 coke party with go-go girls dancing on pedestals and people doing lines off of one another’s bodies. At least that’s the feeling that I get when I listen to “Gimme Shelter”. Seriously, the song rocks man. Fire it up and see if you don’t believe me.

The band is undoubtedly led by “Dirty” Dave and his battered and torturous vocals. His caw is so unpolished that you just have to love it. His guitar wails away, seemingly uncaring of the song (it takes talent to sound like this without sounding simply messy) while all the while the band behind him rock the rhythms and grooves as hard as possible, perhaps attempting to play powerfully enough to open some kind of warp back into the 70s.

Indeed, everything whips and howls along just fine until the band get it in their heads to start firing instrumental after instrumental at us. Of the 11 songs on here, only 5 have vocals, and 4 of those lead off the album. It’s not to say that the instrumentals are crappy, ‘cause they are actually pretty good, but a little more mixing and matching would have gone down a lot better. Pacing man, it’s all about pacing.

All that aside, BRIDGEBURNER still pounds harder than 90% of the other crap that is passed off as rock music these days. Go buy it and reveal in its amped up goodness.
Track Listing

1)Twenty-five Cents
2)Barn Party
3)Oil Pan
4)Gimme Shelter
7)Getting’ Shitty
8)Lil’ Birdie
10)Hydroplane (reprise)


“Dirty” Dave: Vocals, Guitars, Kazoo
Brett “The Cap’n” Holsclaw: Drums
Andrew “Lil’ Bucky” Garret: Bass
Rico Racknutt: Steering Wheels, Buzzsaw

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