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Tad Morose
Modus Vivendi
May 2004
Released: 2004, Century Media
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

In the last couple of years there have been a few bands that have really caught my attention and have become favourites of mine and staples in my Cd player. The first band is Brainstorm who’s thrashy brand of powermetal has reached the level where they could be the next big thing. The second band that has caught my attention is the Swedish outfit Tad Morose. I discovered this band in 2000 with the release of UNDEAD. The powerful yet catchy opening track “Servant of the Bones” grabbed me from the first listen and made me a Tad Morose fan. Little did I know that they had a back catalogue of 4 releases dating back to 1993. Though these discs were good the band had changed its sound somewhat from its early days and UNDEAD seemed to be where all the pieces fell into place. 2002s MATTERS OF THE DARK saw Tad Morose cement their position as one of the strongest contenders for the powermetal throne as they took their blend of traditional and powermetal to the next level.

So we come to MODUS VIVENDI. Released in late 2003 in Europe and 2004 in North America. The first thing that stands out on listening to this disc is the powerful vocal work of Urban Breed. Before he joined the band in 1995 Tad Morose were a much more keyboard-oriented unit but with the addition of Breed and his unique voice Tad Morose took on a harder edge. They later dropped the keyboard player all together and morphed into the powerful unit that they are today. MODUS VIVENDI reeks of the bands marriage of melody and aggression with the opening track “Anubis” setting a high standard for the rest of the CD. “Afraid to Die” deals with the universal human preoccupation with death and how we all must face it. The centerpiece track on the CD is “Life in a Lonely Grave”. This is about as epic as Tad Morose get. Listening to this song evokes a nostalgic feel that brings me back to the days of MOUNTAIN KING era Savatage and RAGE FOR ORDER Queensryche all wrapped up with Tad Morose’s melodic aggression and Urban Breed’s commanding voice.

MODS VIVENDI is definitely a grower. But isn’t that true of all great CDs? When I first heard the disc there seemed to be a lack of catchy hooks like those found on previous Tad Morose discs. After a few listens I found that this wasn’t the case at all. The hooks were there, they just needed to be unearthed. With MODUS VIVENDI Tad Morose has created some of the best metal that I have heard this year. This release will get some serious consideration for best CD of the year.
Track Listing

No mercy
Afraid To Die
Clearly Insane
Take On The World
Mother Shipton's Words
Unwelcome Guest
Life In A Lonely Grave
When The Spirit Rules The World


Christer 'Krunt' Andersson, (Guitars)
Urban breed, (Vocals)
Anders Modd, (Bass)
Peter Morén, (Drums)
Daniel Olsson, (Guitars)



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