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Creative Killings
March 2002
Released: 2002, HammerHeart
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

The old Dutch death mongers have undergone all kinds of changes and problems since the mid of the 90's when the most nihilistic death metal stuff started loosing its grip and almost went back to the labyrinth of the underground. But however the dutch deathsters haven't given even though the previous vocalist Eric was dismissed from the rank, but the biggest surprise was the recruitment of the female vocalist Rachel from Occult to handle all the grunt growling duties. Eccentrically my interest toward Sinister's new output increased a lot when noticing that immensive vocalist change. Rachel definitely growls and very low and deep making the current Arch Enemy vocalist sound like a sundayschool singer. To be honest It was kinda hard to believe in my ears when hearing Rachel's growling for the first time.

As for Sinister's stuff on Creative Killings, well to say it honest some band does the death metal stuff damn well and some then fails quite bitterly, in this case Sinister have improved the song writing process quite a lot to from the b-class of death metal to another level of extreme brutality.Hmm I guess the female vocalist must have given a real kick ass to other Sinister guys as Sinister definitely sounds like a new born vital, brutal and raw death metal combo. The band grinds away like a herd of kids playing in their first death metal band. The goings-on is really intensive indeed. The death metal freaks will fall in love with Rachel's voice indeed and the stuff indeed.
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