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Covers From Hell
August 2002
Released: 2002, Silverdoller Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

ESA , a member of the band contacted me and asked if I was intereseted in their new record ”COVERS FROM HELL”. For me the band was unknown before. Silverdollar comes from Nyköping in Sweden.

ESA Englund-leadvocals, b-vox.

Ola Berg-guitar,b-vox

Fredrik Hall-bass,b-vox

Mats Hjerp-drums,b-vox

In these days when new-metal (mallcore) rules with bands such as Slipknot and Papa Roach from the US and I find this music totally horrible and I can’t understand their greatness at all and I will not listen even if I got paid. Therefore it is a relief to listen to ”COVERS FROM HELL”.They honour heavy metal and hardrock as it is supposted to sound.

They cover songs from Ozzy, Dio and W.A.S.P.among others and the also have a song of their own called “Lost Forever”. The new cd is scheduled to be released after the New Year.There are twelve songs and although they are covers, the band (with a very clever ESA on lead-vox) makes an original and strong product .

Ozzy is a big inspiration. They play ”BARK AT THE MOON”, ”MR CROWLEY”, ”I DON’T KNOW” and ”CRAZY TRAIN”. Silverdollar don’t change the arrangements but play the songs true to the original throughout the record. ESA has a frightning ressemblence to Ozzy in his voice.Ola on guitar sets every tone and this isn’t easy for exemple to imitate Iron Maiden and Ozzy.This makes their job a masterpiece.They play”ACES HIGH”and”RUN TO THE HILLS”.The band Silverdollar is brave to set to work at Iron Maiden who are the superheroes on the heavy metal heaven. Other songs are from Dio, ”WE ROCK” and ”DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS”. represented by”I WANNA BE SOMEBODY”. Judas Priest show up with ”FREEWEEL BURNING” and to finish the disc the band plays ”ACE OF SPADES” by Motörhead. ESA doesn’t succeed in imitating Lemmy and the song is too fast compared to the original. Their own song ”LOST FOREVER” is melodic heavy metal and the sounds very much like Ozzy.

The production is weak but the strength of the playing makes up for that. Ola and Fredrik recorded it in Silverdollar Studio in Nyköping Sweden and it was produced and mixed by Ola. The album cover isn’t very good but, on the other hand, it is a relief to see a band that believes in their music and who aren’t depending on glittering covers to make themselves known. I am impressed with the musicians and their own song on this record. This album is strong and the band has the quality that is needed to give us a strong record next year.
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