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Life Sentence
August 2013
Released: 2013, Listenable Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

With Skyclad seemingly lost in purgatory (seriously, where the heck are those guys?), what are old NWOBHM dogs Steve Ramsey and Graeme English to do? Reu-fuckin’-nite with their Satan brethren and show people just what all the fuss was about when COURT IN THE ACT smacked people back in 1983. Yes, this is a full reunion of the lineup that created that hallowed album, including Blitzkrieg howler Brian Ross. Hell, even the cover art harkens back to that classic album.

We all know that reunions are touchy things – some are spectacular, and others are spectacular failures. I’m thrilled to say that Satan have succeeded with flying colours – LIFE SENTENCE is an astoundingly good album that is easily equal to the band’s legacy. From “Time to Die” all the way through “Another Universe”, track after track is filled with unforgettable riffs, thunderous bass, pounding drums, and powerful, unique vocals. Don’t believe me? Take one listen to the blistering title cut and you will have the proof you need. All of the band members are on absolute fire here, but Ramsey and Tippins’ guitar work is particularly impressive, whether they are firing off brightly memorable solos or simply laying down some of the best riffs of the year. Musically, the band can do it all, from proto-thrash (“Siege Mentality”), to pure metal (“Cenotaph”), melody (“Testimony”), or speed metal (the title track); Satan is a band without weakness.

This album came out a few months ago and if you haven’t yet heard, I strongly urge you to do so. LIFE SENTENCE is pure heavy metal done to perfection by guys who were there in the trenches when it mattered. Like many underground legends, Satan didn’t get the recognition they deserved in their first kick at the can, but now they are back, giving us all the opportunity to right the wrongs of history. Do not miss your chance.
Track Listing

1) Time to Die
2) Twenty Twenty Five
3) Cenotaph
4) Siege Mentality
5) Incantations
6) Testimony
7) Tears of Blood
8) Life Sentence
9) Personal Demons
10) Another Universe


Brian Ross: Vocals
Graeme English: Bass
Steve Ramsey: Guitar
Russ Tippins: Guitar
Sean Taylor: Drums



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