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Primal Fear
February 2016
Released: 2016, Frontiers Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

When I last reviewed a Primal Fear album for MR, it was for their solid 2012 album, UNBREAKABLE. At that time I posited that Primal Fear goes on an album release cycle of good / bad. The 16:6 album blew me away and UNBREAKABLE was also good, which started to prove my theory wrong. Then 2014’s DELIVERING THE BLACK arrived and crushed all in its path on the way to becoming my favorite Primal Fear album of all time, so it was safe to say that the cycle was broken. 2016 sees the band returning again with RULEBREAKER, the band’s 11th album.

I’m thrilled to say that Primal Fear’s new trend of releasing nothing but quality material is alive with this album. Although the band doesn’t deliver anything shocking, RULEBREAKER is chock full of Primal Fear’s patented power metal anthems that will instantly stick to the band’s impressive fan base. Kicking off with first single “Angels of Mercy” was a great decision as it’s probably the most identifiable power metal track on the album. The band is in fine form churning out the memorable riffs while Ralf Scheepers proves he’s still at the top of his game vocally. Moving through the album, the band hits all of the musical bases they’re known for, with a lengthy, moody epic, “We Walk Without Fear”, a catchy sing-along, “Bullets & Tears”, and the obligatory “glory to heavy metal” cut, “In Metal We Trust”. It’s all excellent stuff, even if not quite up to the standard set on their amazing previous album.

I will say one thing though – Primal Fear ballads typically suck. That said, the ballad on this album, “The Sky is Burning”, is BY FAR the best one the band has ever done. It’s a churning, emotional, melancholic winner. Well done guys.

Primal Fear has been on an incredible roll over and RULEBREAKER does nothing to derail that progress. With every year that passes, I’m more convinced that they have the one of the most pristine power metal legacies in the business. Go now and buy.
Track Listing

1. Angels of Mercy
2. The End is Near
3. Bullets & Tears
4. Rulebreaker
5. In Metal We Trust
6. We Walk Without Fear
7. At War with the World
8. The Devil in Me
9. Constant Heart
10. The Sky is Burning
11. Raving Mad


Ralph Scheepers: Vocals
Alex Beyrodt: Guitar
Tom Naumann: Guitar
Magnus Karlsson: Guitar
Mat Sinner: Bass
Francesco Jovino: Drums



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