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End of Innocence (DVD)
July 2004
Released: 2003, Spinefarm
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Brat

Aptly named, this DVD is a candid, personal look into the creator of Nightwish, Tuomas Holopainen. The interview (Suomi with English subtitles) takes place in his personal paradise – a remote island in Finland where Tuomas shares moments of soul-searching, his emotions and his memories of personal growth, at times laughing at his past work, with occasional input from drummer, Jukka Nevalainen and crew member and occasional singer, Tapio Wilska.

The interview, broken up with comical on-tour footage, would be more appealing to the devout Nightwish fan, rather than a lover of music. I can already hear the bitter protests from the 80 per cent of Nightwish fans who see singer Tarja Turunen as the only member of Nightwish about the minor role she plays in this DVD.

If you’ve seen the deleted scenes in From Wishes to Eternity, you will be familiar with what type of tour footage to expect. It’s a mix of pre and post gig backstage footage, crew profiling, tour bus mischief and a lot of vodka. The hilariousness of some antics helps breakdown, but not discount, the deepness of the interview. At times my friend and I were laughing to the point of tears and had to replay sections we’d missed. We were, however, disappointed with the appearance of the Oceanborn owl (you’ll understand once you see it).

During the interview, Tuomas also finally reveals the truth to the rumours of Nightwish breaking up which had fans distraught in 2002 and the departure of long-time bass player, Sami Vänskä. He also talks about the very early days of Nightwish, their first live show and calls Tarja a ‘diva’ in a funny way. The interview may take a couple of watches to catch everything as there are times the dialogue is quite fast and you don’t quite have enough time to see the footage behind the subtitles.

One character who really adds to the DVD is long-time Nightwish studio engineer and on-tour crew member, Tero Kinnunen. This man’s tour antics seem to play a large role in keeping the spirits of the tour party high. No wonder he has his own following asking for photos and autographs. Lighting guy, Tommi Stolt, is also introduced in this DVD as a long-time, key member of the Nightwish crew.

I was expecting to see a little more footage of the Century Child tour support acts, Charon and After Forever, but was not disappointed with the footage they chose – the antics of the last show of the tour where Marco runs on stage in costume while Charon’s doing the single Little Angel from Downhearted.

Bonus material includes live footage from Summer Breeze (look for the optical illusion under the drum riser) and the Rockefeller in Oslo, Norway during the Century Child tour 2002, a very ordinary interview with MTV Brazil and videos to Over the Hills and Far Away and End of All Hope. The photo gallery, which I found frustrating to navigate through, contains a secret bonus, if you manage to get through the maze. I’m yet to get my bonus. If you can’t find the bonus, a few members of the Nightwish discussion board have kindly mapped the gallery.

The limited edition 6 track live CD that comes with the DVD actually contains 8 songs from a few albums. The songs were recorded at Summer Breeze 2002.

End of Innocence is not what I expected, but it’s definitely a hit for me. I loved it and watched it all in the first sitting (expect for the gallery). I can see myself putting this one in the player more than From Wishes to Eternity, for two reasons: I feel more connected to this footage because I was lucky enough to see Nightwish in Europe twice during the Century Child tour; and, I see Nightwish as a five-piece band with Tuomas as the key member.
Track Listing

Bonus footage:
Music Videos
1. End Of All Hope
2. Over The Hills And Far Away
4th of July in Norway live footage
Summer Breeze 2002 live footage (5.1 sound)
MTV Brazil Interview

With bonus Audio CD:
Nightwish: Live at Summer Breeze 2002
1. End Of All Hope
2. Dead To The World
3. 10th Man Down
4. Slaying The Dreamer
5. Over The Hills And Far Away
6. Sleeping Sun
7. The Kinslayer
8. Come Cover Me


Tarja Turunen - Lead vocals
Emppu Vuorinen - Guitars
Tuomas Holopainen - Keyboards
Sami Vänskä - Bass
Jukka Nevalainen - Drums

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