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The Aftermath
July 2014
Released: 2014, AFM Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

Former NWOBHM French band Nightmare (not to be confused with the Japanese Nightmare) continues with it prolific output since their reunion in 1999, THE AFTERMATH marking the band’s 7th album during that span and 4th with AFM Records. Other than the wretched throwaway COSMOVISION, the band has remained fairly consistent in their approach to power-thrash metal, even if a few albums have been a bit uneven. THE AFTERMATH features more of the same, sticking to the template of the last few albums but tightening and further embracing the heavier thrash elements of their sound.

Former drummer turned front man Jo Amore continues to improve as a vocalist whom in turn helps to strengthen the album, Amore alternating between aggression and various personas. Nevertheless, he is still a tier below say Stu Block or Warrel Dane, considering that Iced Earth and Nevermore are obvious aspirations for Nightmare’s ceiling. The band instead reaches its high water mark somewhere between Mystic Prophecy and Communic territory, certainly a respectable placement. Consequently there is much to like about the piston drumming and thrashy tempo of tunes like “Necromancer” and “Forbidden Tribe.” Look to “I Am Immortal” for the more progressive and down tuned riffs you would expect from Nevermore. “Digital DNA” is the closest song you will get to something like a groove while “The Bridge Is Burning” offers the only brief respite from the intense power thrash of the rest of the album.

THE AFTERMATH is certainly not a welcoming and warm album. Melodies and charm are sparse, and only grudgingly revealed after several listens, usually in the more connecting choruses on a few of the tunes. At 11 songs, the eventual repetitive nature of things begins to wear thin, making THE AFTERMATH a challenge to digest in one listen. Couple that with the highly compressed and cold cyborgian production and you have an album that is equal parts perfection and flaw. Positives are the flawless and technical execution of the music, riffs cutting precise and articulate with inhuman kick drumming. Fans of Mystic Prophecy and Communic that are looking for a similar take on power metal should enjoy Nightmare’s version.
Track Listing

01. The Aftermath (Intro)

02. Bringers Of A No Man’s Land

03. Forbidden Tribe

04. Necromancer

05. Invoking Demons

06. I Am Immortal

07. Digital DNA

08. Ghost In The Mirror

09. The Bridge Is Burning

10. Mission For Good

11. Alone In The Distance


Jo Amore (Lead Vocals)
Franck Milleliri (Guitars)
Matt Asselberghs (Guitars)
Yves Campion (Bass & vocals)
David Amore (Drums)

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