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Mystic Prophecy
October 2001
Released: 2001, Crash
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

One hopes potential buyers will not judge Mystic Prophecy by it's cover. It has the look and and feel of an indie label which is essentially what Crash Music is. Dull, dark and grainy cover art adorn this disc. The band name is uninspired for the year 2001 I would expect more. Vengeance is dull title, and the song titles are dull too. For example, In the Mirror, In the Distance, and an intro called The Beginning! Fortunately we know the greatest treasures can be found when one digs deeper. This disc is anything but dull! It kills with power and I'm glad. I would rather have a band spend time and money on the songs and recording than on image and elaborate packaging, which on occasion vainly attempts to conceal a lack of talent. (On that note, has anyone seen the packaging on the latest SHITknot CD? Hmmmmm...) 

MP can be described as power metal and/or speed metal. After a short, cool and creepily effective spoken/acoustic intro the band rip out three songs of balls-out, heads-down speed metal. A truly worthy way to open any disc! It is not until the middle of the disc where they pull the brakes ever so slightly and add some very nice mid-tempo grinding elements in the songs. Many of the songs are driven by a double bass attack that varies between pummeling and galloping. Lyrically we have read it all before (or perhaps I'm being jaded) but the lyrics touch on psuedo-mystical ideas about destiny, dreams and well...mystic prophecies! The vocals deliver those same lyrics with passion and conviction and perhaps a little more than a nod to Mr.Barlow of Iced Earth fame. The final cut Fallen Angel clocks in at over 8 minutes and is my favorite tune on the album but I can't put my finger on why! I don't like to end reviews on a negative note but here the catch; I don't know if MP have the variety or unique features that will make them stand apart from the other 50 or so similar power metal releases this year. In 10 years will we speak of MP in hushed tones of awed reverence? Maybe... Having said that...I love this type of music so the benefit of the doubt gives it a 4 (barely). Iced Earth imitator or classic power metal? Support the band, buy the disc and  find out for yourself.
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