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Bad Magic
September 2015
Released: 2015, UDR
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Any introduction about Motorhead is really unneeded. They are the gods of wild rock’n’roll for good.

They have already released their 22th studio album (What???). The new effort, BAD MAGIC, is an exceptional sample of pure rock’n’roll without touching the gems of 80’s at all, but it is still great.

The band is back with a dosen of noisy songs (plus a cover of "Sympathy For The Devil" of Rolling Stones), refuting those who dared to mumble that the end was approaching. Instead, BAD MAGIC is "healthy baby" and manages to entertain lukewarm impressions left by the two or three previous albums, especially the tired and tiring AFTERSHOCK (2013).

Nevertheless, surely it is not a monumental release and if we put aside the fan enthusiasm that causes a new studio album by those, undoubtedly, living legends of rock, we have to admit that the BAD MAGIC adds nothing to the glorious story of Motörhead. But it is important that it already removes nothing from it, as it moves to the known rugged rock 'n' roll paths likes, Lemmy and Co., is compact and chunky, it is fast and dirty as needed. Mikkey Dee is still one of the most enjoyable drummers in the world and Phil Campbell is an endless punk who treats filthy blues / rock riff and solo. Both of them surround and support the Lord of binge, exceeding, successfully for the most part any weaknesses come out of the age and their lifestyle.

It contains many good songs ( "Fire Storm Hotel", "Shoot Out All Of Your Lights", "Victory Or Die", "Teach Them How To Bleed" and the Cash-espue ballad "Till The End "), several fillers (which indeed always existed), but they are not boring as in the recent past, and the adaptation to the Stones, though playful and engaging.

Overall, BAD MAGIC puts the train right on the hot rails and gives extra push to the orgasm of rock’n’roll. I conclude that the health problems, rather than make Lemmy….less Lemmy, the more dogged to show everyone that he is still strong and indomitable. That's why the album, despite its weaknesses, it sounds surprisingly aggressive and appetite, having this characteristic conceit for which we loved them Motörhead: The same conceit that distinguishes a lion running through the jungle, looking for the wretched animal will tearing with its “claws”. BAD MAGIC is a perfect album (what do you want more? It’s the 22th studio album). I don’t know if it will be a classic one, but I enjoyed it.
Track Listing

1. Victory or Die
2. Thunder & Lightning
3. Fire Storm Hotel
4. Shoot Out All of Your Lights
5. The Devil
6. Electricity
7. Evil Eye
8. Teach Them How to Bleed
9. Till the End
10. Tell Me Who to Kill
11. Choking on Your Screams
12. When the Sky Comes Looking for You
13. Sympathy for the Devil


Lemmy – lead vocals, bass guitar
Phil "Wizzö" Campbell – guitar
Mikkey Dee – drums

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