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Warriors of the World
July 2002
Released: 2002, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: El Cid

Manowar are back after 6 years and they bring us WARRIORS OF THE WORLD, an album which is classic Manowar and yet lacks something. We must face it, Manowar has found the perfect formula in which they exist in perfect balance in the Metal community. I believe there are three camps regarding Manowar, oen that idolizes them, one that enjoys their music and one who doesn’t care for them at all. In any of those camps, every Manowar release is received exactly as the previous one. You either worship it, love it or hate it. That’s what Manowar has achieved, every release though different from the last one, is received in the exact same way. I count myself in the faction that enjoys Manowar’s music without idolizing them, but this CD really is lacking something.

The first track is a typical Manowar offering in the vein of many classics like “Hail and Kill” (Minus the speed). I’m sure this one will be many’s favorite cut along with maybe “Swords in the wind”. The second track, “The fight for freedom” is a ballad filled with American history allusions that sit rather well with the music but is far from being “Heart of steel” or “Master of the Wind”. Now the third track is a HUGE pet peeve of mine! Eric Adams sings Giacomo Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma” You can call me picky or whatever, but this is an Aria intended for a tenor! Carreras sung it, Pavarotti made it popular amongst many in the 90s but the real huge thing is this is one of Franco Corelli’s top interpretations! Quite frankly I find Eric Adams making a clown out of himself singing this for WHATEVER reasons anyone can put forth, Eric Adams is not comparable to Corelli, he’s not a tenor and he’s not meant to butcher this classic!

Next up is Valhalla, one of 2 instrumentals in the album. The thing about this one is that it leaves me hanging, it’s only 30 seconds long and it really would have been better if it had been pursued for another 30 seconds at least.

Anyways, I could keep on giving you a song by song review, but quite frankly I fail to see the point in that sine I’ve outlined what this album is all about. When Manowar sticks to Manowar style (granted in more varied and maybe bombastic ways) it works, but when Manowar tries to be overly creative and tries to prove something (I’m not sure what covering Nessun Dorma was all about) it doesn’t work (for me at least).

In all fairness, this is an album that all Manowar fans will enjoy. If you’re an unconditional, by all means buy it, if you’re not then think twice, maybe borrow it or sample it first and finally if you hate Manowar you shouldn’t be reading this!

Choice Cuts: “Swords in the Wind” (***), Warriors of the World” (****)
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