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Enemy of God
March 2005
Released: 2005, Scarecrow/SPV
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: El Cid

boy… How to get this review up and running? Ok, how about a double CD digipack with a brand new thrash masterpiece and a little DVD on the side? That’s right, Kreator is at it again! The german masters of thrash (and pretty much the flagship of the genre) come now with a new offering entitled ENEMY OF GOD. Now, I’m not a sucker for thrash. Truth be told, barring a couple of classic stuff such as Anacrusis, Dark Angel and Kreator, I normally go for more Death and Black, but this is one of those albums that will stand out when you hear a couple of tracks at the metal store, it’s downright memorable.

There is very little that I can tell fan of Thrash metal about Kreator’s sound, the combination of the sharp and rough edges, the softness of the texture the music conveys, the furious drive of Mille Petrozza’s vocal deliver. Kreator is one of those bands that define the genre and set the bar for the rest of the world.

The production duties are in charge of Andy Sneap in Nottingham studios. I am not really sure what could be said about the production… the sound is flawless and I do believe I hear an element in ENEMY OF GOD that gives me the impression of something metallic, cold yet powerful.

There is a lot of klassic stuff in here, the riffing, the mid tempo change in some parts of the album. The melodic sections are done perfectly in this album because they are blended with a sharp riff everywhere. ”Murder Fantasies” is guaranteed to rock your socks off, and just so you start drooling a bit, the main solo in this baby was contributed by Mike Amott (of Carcass and Arch Enemy fame). The album itself flows nicely from beginning to end and something which is sort of rare amongst Thrash Metal, he tracks do not blend into one another despite the lack of a pause which might have worked nicely somewhere around the album.

In all, Kreator remains a well greased cold, mean and loud machine and ENEMY OF GOD is sure to become a very frequent passenger in many metalheads’ cars. But more importantly, their tour with Dark Tranquillity is ad portas, it would be wise to start warming up for the screaming and the mosh pit. Buy immediately.

Choice Cuts: “Enemy of God” *****, “Murder Fantasies” *****

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