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March 2006
Released: 2003, Cold Blood Industries
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Greetings from Hel.. (-eh?), Holland, I mean...! This relatively young newcomer from the Dutch extreme metal scene has been gaining lots of status for themselves as a highly energetic and furious metal act since the year 1995 and creating a solid fanbase around the band by making stronger and more aggressive songs constantly, kind of trying to reach the utmost extreme of the extremities for themselves.

Having gone through their debut album titled STORM OF THE HORDE only once, song by song, it´s obvious that these 5 Dutch extreme metal maniacs don´t even consider to slow down for a second with their blistering Death Metal assaults that have been blended with some tiny pieces of ingredients both from Thrash – and Black Metal. But however, Death Metal this certainly is anyway; it´s a dominating element nearly 70% off the all material herein – and it´s got a very fast nature for most of the time. So if you think you can handle twelve ruthlessly fast, brutal, savage and ´straight-to-the-point´ type of Death Metal assaults at one time like at 3:00 AM, then I guess you are the right person to handle this stuff. Sure, most of the time their songs sounded kinda appealing and enjoyable to me at first, but the more I listened to the songs off the album, the more I started to long for some variety for the songs in one form or the other. I dunno, maybe their ´full-speed-ahead´ -mentality is a bit too much for me to handle this time around after going through quite a pile of similar sounding releases within a relatively short period of time (God Dethroned, Bloodbath, Blood Red Throne, etc.)?! Maybe at first I should have gone through like 4 to 6 Power/Flower Metal bands, and then give a listen to Katafalk´s debut album in order to dig it even more and suck the best out of it than what it managed to offer me after crossing the final chalk lines? Well, either way, the Katafalk´s merciless killing team is loaded with a relentless aggression and unmatched brutality that has no compromises. An average tempo in each of their songs is kept on a very fast level all the time; it´s actually constantly a blindlessly fast for a poser like me (-ha!) and surely keeps a listener in its tight grip nearly 37 torturous minutes, trying its very best to make a few pairs of ears deaf for good.

Such tracks like "Succubus", "Aesthetic Vampires", "Cannonfodder", "Redeemer", etc. drill down into your head easily and make you beg for more with a sadistic and twisted grin in your face if you just happen to enjoy your dose of metal ´read, hot, heavy´ - and murderously punishing. Try to imagine blending some outrageous Fallen Christ stuff with some stuff from the defunct Swedish deathsters like The Crown f.ex. - and you have got a relatively good idea how Katafalk sounds like. I can assure you that it certainly doesn´t sound anything like a Jesus –loving choir of teenage boys performing in some X-mas concert at the house of God on next Sunday morning or anything like that.... ;=)

As the main recipe for STORM OF THE HORDE has now fully been revealed, it´s your turn to make your own both main dishes and deserts out of all the ingredients that have been served on the band´s brutal and ear-splitting debut release. NOT recommended for weak ears & minds!
Track Listing

01. Succubus
02. Aesthetic Vampires
03. Birthmark 666
04. Cannonfodder
05. Redeemer
06. Storm of the Horde
07. Hatred
08. Empty Life
09. Operation Mindloss
10. Rise Now
11. One Last Fight
12. Blind Envy
13. Baptized in Fire


Wokkel – Vocals
Pier Abe – Guitars
Christiaan – Guitars
Henk Jan – Bass
Michiel – Drums



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by Luxi Lahtinen

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