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Jane Doe 69
July 2000
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Here I am again with the latest disc from the Finnish band Jane Doe 69. These guys are a promising up and coming band that play new metal and thankfully leave out all the Kornisms. If you want to check out more about these guys Their first cd is reviewed in the March CD reviews for Metal Rules!! I liked that cd but thought that the guys needed to find their own sound. Well here is the next step in the bands progression that sees them develop more of their own unique sound. The band has picked up a new guitar player since the last recording in the person of Kimo Lansikyla. The remainder of the band is intact. Vocals: Mikko Paulin Guitar: Tuomas Kuusinen Guitar: Bass: Erno Hyvättinen Drums: Ilkka Lehtonen.. The cd is again produced by Timo Kytölä and as with the "Scars" the production is first rate.

Snakeskin is another E.P. of 5 songs that fall within the Machinehead arena but thankfully the Coal Chamber influence is greatly reduced. This results in a disc that is more coherent and also heavier. The CD kicks of with the track "Who Would Suffer..." This is an interesting track as it combines a number of time changes which move from a groovy Machinehead feel right into a Sepultura type vibe. Very good track. Up next is the short tune "Come Down to Street Level" This is the most new metal sounding track on the disc and as such just didn’t do too much for me. "Snakeskin" and its follower "Breathe My Air" are more midtempo tunes and use both aggressive and laid back vocals in their deliveries. My favourite song on the disc is track #5 "Transient Desire" This is the most thrashing track on the cd and highlights some great drumming by Lehtonen.. The solos in this song also far surpass anything else on the CD and see the band leaning towards more straight ahead classic metal. Great tune and the perfect CD closer.

"Snakeskin" far surpasses "Scars" in its attempt to create a sound for the band. Gone are the bits borrowed from many bands and in their place is a more coherent sound which is based on their strengths: intense vocals, tight drumming and some good guitar work. Even though I like what the band has done with this release they still sound a lot like many of the other "new"metal bands out there today. Jane Doe 69 has taken the first big steps in their walk to the big leagues. They have defined what they want to do and now all they need to do is refine their sound and step out of the shadows of their influences.
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