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High On Fire
Snakes for the Divine
March 2010
Released: 2010, E1 Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

If Black Sabbath and Motorhead had a baby, it would be called SNAKES FOR THE DIVINE. Halfway through the opening title track, I was so pumped up that I wanted to put my fist through a wall. How’s that for a first impression? This album seethes pulsating, angry energy from the get go, thrashing you back and forth against the pavement like a sociopathic child with a ragdoll. Ladies and gentlemen, High on Fire is here to kick your ass.

Though fast, mean, and doom laden riffs have always been a staple of the power trio, the eight songs on SNAKES FOR THE DIVINE take those familiar elements and squeeze every possible ounce of heavy out of them. The guitars are thicker, the bass rumbles harder, the drums are more frantic, and Pike’s voice resonates with an unparalleled level of vitriol. And by far, this is the most organic sounding High on Fire album yet. SNAKES FOR THE DIVINE sounds fat, mean and dirty, like the soundtrack to a back alley brawl.

The band has taken a “less songs with more punch in them” approach this time around, with most clocking in above the six-minute mark. But the tunes feel like they’ve got some room to breathe and fully grow to fruition; and it makes those punches they deliver sting just that much harder. Structurally, SNAKES FOR THE DIVINE is standard High on Fire – lyrics about mythology and mysticism and lots of riffs out your wazoo, but the care and craft put into each of the tunes is evident upon the first spin of the disc. Each song flows naturally into the next, keeping your ears waiting to hear what comes next, and in the process creates a complete listening experience.

SNAKES FOR THE DIVINE delivers the kind of natural frenzy you only wish that your band could pull off. Remember the feeling of when you first heard the opening bassline of "Ace of Spades"? Or those monster guitars on MASTER OF REALITY? Yeah, it’s that level of goose bumps. High on Fire have created something momentous with SNAKES FOR THE DIVINE. If you’re as smart as I know you all are, this one is already in your online shopping cart. Divine indeed.
Track Listing

1.Snakes For the Divine
2.Frost Hammer
3.Bastard Samurai
4.Ghost Neck
5.The Path
6.Fire, Flood, & Plague
7.How Dark We Pray
8.Holy Flames of the Fire Spitter


Matt Pike – Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Matz – Bass
Des Kensel – Drums

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