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Gebert, Gordon G.G.
Rock & Roll War Stories (Book Review)
February 2005
Released: 2004, Pitbull Publishing
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Anyone reading this who is a die-hard KISS fan has probably heard the name Gordon G.G. Gebert as he stirred the proverbial pot with his brilliant books, KISS & TELL and KISS& TELL MORE! several years ago. Some dismissed him as a disgruntled sycophant and a hack writer, while others applauded Gebert for pulling back the curtain and exposing KISS (or more specifically, Ace Frehley) for what REALLY happened behind the scenes, warts and all. The KISS & TELL books opened up a lot of doors for Gebert and, along with his extensive musical history and contacts, paved the way for his tattletale tome, ROCK & ROLL WAR STORIES.

ROCK & ROLL WAR STORIES is told in the same loose style as Gebert’s other books (passages drop in from out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly) but his narrative style makes for an easy and compelling read (this isn’t WAR & PEACE here, folks). There are plenty of personal photos included as well as the saucy pics of the “Girls of Rock & Roll War Stories” that introduce each chapter. Frehley makes another appearance here (yes, it is possible to show the guitarist in an even less flattering light than the KISS & TELL books did) as well as sordid and amusing tales about Motley Crue, Dokken, Twisted Sister, Cinderella, Scorpions, Danger Danger, Fear Factory, Meat Loaf, Nashville Pussy, Marilyn Manson, Jeff Beck, Alice Cooper guitarist Michael Bruce and many others in its 200+ pages. I had never heard of the majority of these stories and some are downright disgusting but they are never unenjoyable (my favorite is the Wendy Moore-penned passage about her stormy and bizarre relationship with Frehley). Who doesn’t like to hear some dirt about their favorite rock stars?!

Gebert will probably have even less friends once ROCK & ROLL WAR STORIES is released and musicians get exposed (he actually got death threats from die-hard KISS fans in 1997) but for the music fan who wants a taste of the dark, ugly side of the rock and roll lifestyle, Gebert’s latest book brings you down to the lowest of gutters where the most salacious stories live. Keep ‘em coming, Gordon!
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» Rock & Roll War Stories (Book Review)
by Lord of the Wasteland

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