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July 2014
Released: 2014, Century Media Ltd
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

I applaud this band, I really do. This is a very brave album and I love that they are taking risks, experimenting a little, trying things out. Not just doing what is done by all the other bands.

Some of it works very well, discordant sounds mixing with growl vocals, some heavy riffs, it still sounds like metal, but it feels more Jazz. Maybe that is the New Orleans influence coming through. Some of it doesn’t quite work for my personal tastes but in general it’s a solid set of tunes.

I’d not come across Eyehategod before this, though they have been around a long time, their last album was back in 2000. Since recording this album they have sadly lost drummer Joey Lacraze, who died tragically following a European tour in 2013.

The whole album hangs together well, the tracks feel like they belong together without becoming repetitive. It’s obvious this was evolved & polished over time, not rushed, there is a quality to it, all the bumps & flaws have been ironed out.

What this isn’t is run of the mill, standard fayre, its more arty and thought out than that, its intelligent metal, not a Constable or Turner painting more Matisse or Picasso. It won’t be appreciated by everyone, but it is worth listening to and giving it a chance.

The riffs are powerful, the drums don’t drown everything out, they complement the style perfectly, it has a quite energy that draws you in. I found myself listening intently, and the vocals suited it well. I do suggest you don’t make your mind up on 1st listen, but give it a few runs through. I was certainly surprised at how much I enjoyed it, the more I listened.

Review by Lisa Nash
Track Listing

01. Agitation! Propaganda! (2:24)
02. Trying to Crack the Hard Dollar (3:02)
03. Parish Motel Sickness (3:42)
04. Quitter’s Offensive (3:45)
05. Nobody Told Me (3:39)
06. Worthless Rescue (3:57)
07. Framed to the Wall (3:28)
08. Robitussin and Rejection (3:38)
09. Flags and Cities Bound (7:11)
10. Medicine Noose (3:23)
11. The Age of Bootcamp (5:10)


Mike IX Williams –vocals
Jimmy Bower – guitars
Brian Patton – guitars
Gary Mader – bass
Joey LaCaze – drums (on album) R.I.P
Aaron Hill – drums (for future recordings and touring)

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