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Reign Through Immortality
July 2013
Released: 2013, Victory Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Only forming back in January of 2010, and after their release of previous album ‘Irkalla‘, the blackened, death metal band from Montreal Canada, are now back with the album Erimha; meaning ‘Army’ or ‘legion’ in Sumerian culture. Already forming a great fan base, the band have been busy touring and had a line-up change as Alix and Lykan were replaced by Disuternas; lead guitarist. The album itself is based on ancient mythology and spirituality but has the intensity and darkness you’d expect from this genre.

With their haunting, melodic, merciless and operatic sounds, the album has an impressive start! Starting off with a slow and atmospheric symphonic sound and dramatic drum beats, sounding more like an epic soundtrack, the second track explodes into the furiousness of blackened death sounds, as the other instruments all kick in at once.

Sounding very similar in music style to bands like Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth, they still manage to stand out and have their own distinctive sound, making this most definitely an album for black and death metal fans. I really love the orchestra and symphonic sounds, which are played throughout the album, as the heavy guitaring sound amazing against the violins, making this one album to instantly get your attention, as well as blastbeats and furious drumming which keeps the brutal feeling in all their tracks.

There is a dark and haunting feel throughout ‘Gores’ vocals being from deep growls to keeping to the black/death metal feel, making this is one album I fell in love with instantly. The production, mixing and sound on this album is perfect, with everything so clear you can hear everything that is being thrown at you. You can really appreciate just how diverse and well they play, with so much going on in the background, making you miss nothing. These guys certainly play with true dedication and passion. Just as you think the album has a certain pace, ‘Bewildering Nightmare’, picks it up even more, with faster and more brutal playing, there is also a great guitar solo which is pretty amazing.

The songs continue in the same manor and flow perfectly into each other, with the track ‘Cataclysmic Tides’; being the only instrumental track on the album, breaking it up nicely before the last track ‘Metempsychosis’ kicks in, taking the sound back up there to fast and furious, as the album ends on the 10minute track, ending just as furiously as they started. This is also the only track to have some ‘clean vocals’ which I have to say sound amazing, shame there wasn’t more of this amongst the growls.

As symphonic blackened death metal bands go, these guys are standing next to the best of them!

All the tracks on the album are astounding and it’s no wonder they are being booked for festivals and gigs, and have an impressive fan base already. I hope to see good reviews of this album, which I’d like to point out has some impressive artwork, done by isis design studio. This is one album that needs to be heard and is already on my list of best release of 2013!

Review by Jo Blackened
Track Listing

1. Enlightenment
2. Ascetic
3. Condemned To Desolation
4. Bewildering Nightmare
5. Metaphysic Countenance
6. The Ritual Of Internicion
7. Verdict Of The Soul
8. Saunter To Extinction
9. Cataclysmic Tides
10. Metempsychosis


Gore - Vocals
Kthien - Guitar
Diusternas - Guitar
Ksaos - Drums

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» Reign Through Immortality
by UK Team

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