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December 2010
Released: 2010, Self Released
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Eien is a greek 5-piece that’s currently shopping their latest promo CD, CLOSURE. Musically the band is hard to peg, combining elements of atmospheric goth metal, heavy power metal, among others. While not a bad offering, CLOSURE suffers from a lack of unique identity and a lack of direction.

After the requisite intro, CLOSURE opens with “Insanity” which reminded me of Nevermore without Jeff Loomis. They’ve got the vibe right, but musically the band sounds like it’s going through the motions. "O.C.D." has some simple guitar work that would make Godsmack proud, but it doesn’t do much to propel the album forward. “All I Ask” is the first track of the batch that really stands out, with a catchy riff and a compelling chorus. Sufficed to say, this is the blueprint that the band should be following. But the band loses any momentum gained here with “Sinful Need” and “Behind Lies,” the later of which reeks of nu-metal chugga, chugga. “Solitude” closes the album and kinda, sorta redeems things, again with some dynamic musical structures and some piano work for added effect.

I’m not sure what Eien were attempting to convey with CLOSURE. A good album progresses from start to finish, telling the story in the process, but CLOSURE sounds like 7 random songs that the band recorded and pressed onto CD. I didn’t sense any band identity, nor did I sense any purpose behind the songs with CLOSURE. Too bad, maybe better luck next time.
Track Listing

1. Today is a Good Day to Die
2. Insanity
3. O.C.D.
4. All I Ask
5. Sinful Need
6. Behind Lies
7. Solitude


Michalis - Vocals, Keys & Samples
Timos - Lead & Acoustic Guitars
Orestis - Rhythm Guitar
Spyros - Bass guitar
Dimitris – Drums

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