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Dark Tranquillity
Damage Done
August 2002
Released: 2002, Century Media
Rating: 4.8/5
Reviewer: Cid

I think it’s safe to say that for me, this has been the most anticipated album of the year. Sure, I was also crazy about SONS OF NORTHERN DARKNESS and A NIGHT AT THE OPERA, but Dark Tranquillity has always been my favorite band. After hearing Haven, it seemed apparent to me that the Gothenburg sextet had released the very natural progression from their previous album PROJECTOR.

In many ways I consider PROJECTOR to be a transition album, a piece of work that was supposed to serve as a bridge from the older sound into the new ground where the band wanted to be. With the release of HAVEN, my fears that I would not like the next step were extinct. I found myself listening to a very melodic album ridden and supported by melodies and leads of the highest quality and a vocal performance that kept blowing me away. After such an album I’ve been trying not to get my hopes up to the sky while awaiting the arrival of DAMAGE DONE, and of course I failed miserably. I’ve been counting days, reading news, climbing the walls and such while expecting its release, and it’s finally here.

DAMAGE DONE is at this point, without a doubt and by far the best album of the year as far as I’m concerned. The album is just so very enticing from the get-go that I’ve found myself listening to it over and over again without skipping as much as a second of music (let alone a track). The main musical idea behind this album is to let the guitars blaze the path for everything else. The enthralling leads and superb harmonies and rhythms are without a question pure Dark Tranquillity at its best. Nothing is amiss; Niklas Sündin and Martin Henriksson hold the album together while at the same time forcing it forward with the help of Anders Jivarp’s excellent drumming. Mikael Stanne is as it’s always the case, at the top of his game and his characteristic voice is sure to please anyone who has ever heard Death Metal of any sorts before.

A song by song rundown of this album would at this point be quite pointless since I would have to tell over and over again how great each song is. Some are closer to the HAVEN sound (“format C: For Cortex”) and some are much closer to THE MIND’S I days (“Monochromatic Stains”, “Cathody Ray Sunshine”) but everything is blended just right to allow the listener a great deal of aural stimuli at all times. One of the most interesting tracks in DAMAGE DONE would have to be “Ex Nihilo”, the band’s first ever (“Mine is the Grandeur…” is more of an intro) instrumental song. The dark ambience created within in it serves as a perfect closer for one of the monumental releases of this year.

Very rarely have I come across a band that could so accurately convey their feelings as Dark Tranquillity does, while delving at the same time a musically complex offering that encompasses so much of what I want to hear every time I pop the album into the CD player, and DAMAGE DONE has reminded me why. This album will easily be my top pick for 2002 unless someone releases an album that borders perfection in a more magnificent way.

Choice Cuts: “Damage Done” (****1/2), “White Noise/Black Silence” (*****)

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Dark Tranquillity
Damage Done
August 2002
Released: 2002, Century Media
Rating: 4.7/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Fans all over the world have waited for the sixth album by Dark Tranquillity from Gothenburg Sweden. The band has played for 13 years and their first demo was produced 1991.This is my first meeting with the melodic death-metal music that this band plays. DAMAGE DONE is solid as a rock !!!!!

DAMAGE DONE is recorded in the very famous studio-Fredman in Gothenburg.The studio is owned by Fredrik Nordström of the band Dream Evil.

Mikael Stanne-lead-vox

Niklas Sundin-guitar

Martin Henriksson-guitar

Anders Jivarp-drums

Michael Nicklasson-bass

Martin Brändström-electronics

For a fan of melodic death-metal the band has created eleven songs for our great pleasure. Mikael on lead-vox has the same angry voice as L.G in the band Entombed. You can hear what he sings and that is a big plus. Niklas/Martin Have a real heavy sound in their guitars. The band uses keyboard in the soundpicture and they are brave enough to bring this odd and heavy sound to their music.

I haven’t heard them before and I can’t analyse their former music but DAMAGE DONE is in my opinion one of the best cd this year. DAMAGE DONE kicks off with the ultrafast track ”FINAL RESISTANCE”. One example of their style is ”HOURS PASSED IN EXILE” with tidy keyboard in the chorus, more melodic deathmetal, another is ”MONOCHROMATIC STAINS”. The opening is industial metal and after that the music changes to very heavy melodic metal.” SINGLE PART OF TWO” The intro is on keyboard and the tempo is half-speed before it changes to gothic-metal with death-metal lead-vox. ”THE TREASON WALL” heavy melodic death-metal,fast and slow parts in the song.The titletrack is very heavy, everyone plays really fast but there are some slower parts in this song as well.The record ends with the first instrumental song of the band and it’s called ”EX NIHILO” very calm metal with keyboard and guitar on top of the soundpicture.

This is a very well thought out composition where the band dares to take risks and use keyboard in the melodic death-metal songs of the band. They dare to go their own way and skip trends.

A Masterpiece!

More info about the band.

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