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Creeping Flesh
Rising Terror
July 2015
Released: Apri, N/A Unsigned
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Creeping Flesh’s “Rising Terror” has been one of the more pleasant surprises that I’ve had while reviewing. Anytime I hear “death metal” I recoil a bit until I hear just what type of death metal it really is. This Swedish band brings melody without being “melodic death metal” exactly. However, it should satisfy fans of both “death metal” as well as the melodic stuff that Sweden is best known for providing.

The band break instantly into a thundering metal track, airborne. It’s death metal the way it’s supposed to be played; raw and melodically heavy. Not melodic like Dark Tranquility but melodic like Amon Amarth. Opening with a firecracker like this one, it’s going to hard to maintain these lofty standards. I quickly learned that my fears would be put to rest. The intense whirlwind that is "Terrorize" swirls around from the opening beat. The death metal vocals guide the listener over a deathly-melodic musical base. The midpoint breakdown makes one want to thrash/headbang around like a madman. The sign of a great album is when you’re enjoying the current track but looking forward to the next track as well. That’s exactly the place I’m at with this one. I feel excitedly anxious to hear the rest!

“Essence of Evil” comes in with a pounding beat and it makes me truly believe that there may be something in Swedish water that allows for such great metal to be made. This track is slower than the others but it’s intentional and well-built. I’ve been on this journey before, granted, but damn if I don’t enjoy the hell out of it. Following up with "Kill Count" the band rip into a monster riff. Of the 4 tracks so far it’s easily the most truly death metal of the bunch but it fits right in with the other tracks. The guitar solo is well-played and enhances the song as a solo should. I’d be lying to say this was my favorite track of the bunch but it’s certainly worthy. Closing this EP is a song called “Fields of Rotting Flesh”. The band are determined to go out heavy but creative as ever. This track sounds exactly like what the band have been doing without sounding the same as the other tracks. The outro on the track is a spoken word piece and it simply reflects the creative style that the band has showcased on this EP.

Doing reviews of albums is sometimes challenging. The last album I reviewed, I forced myself to pay attention. This album made me stop what I was doing as soon as it started. Good things are afoot here, my friends. I can easily hear this band opening for Amon Amarth and holding their own. They don’t sound like Amon Amarth but their brand of death metal has the chops to hold the same stage as a band such as Amon Amarth. Know what I mean? I look forward to hearing what Creeping Flesh do as they gain more experience. They are certainly serving notice that they’re a player with these 5 tracks!

Review by Chris Marsh
Track Listing

1. Airborne
2. Terrorize
3. Essence Of Evil
4. Kill Count
5. Fields of Rotting Flesh


Conny Nyberg (bass)
Martin Kadhammar (drums)
Robert Karlsson (vocals)
Sofus Stille (lead guitar)
William Persson Öberg (rhythm guitar).

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