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Cooper, Alice
Golf Monster (Book Review)
February 2010
Released: 2007, Three Rivers Press
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

This is Alice Copper’s second biography. His first was entitled ‘Me, Alice’ and was published in 1976. A lot has happened since then! However this is not truly an autobiography in the purest sense of the term. Golf Monster is more like an overview of his career scattered among a dozen chapters related to Alice’s career as a golfer!

The book itself is a standard paperback, with dozens and dozens of black and white photos dating way back and many of them are golf-related. Clocking in at about 250 easy-reading pages, it is a perfect summer read. Alice’s easy, conversational and candid writing style flows nicely both amusing, insightful and humorous. The man has had quite the adventurous life propelled by his charm and charisma. There is very little discussion of music per se, his discussions of his musical career is almost an afterthought, a framework for his life as an entertainer in many fields.

Alice’s patented humour is fully intact making this a very enjoyable read. For example his dedication reads as follows. “My liver would like to dedicate this book to me for giving up drinking and taking up golf.” I think Alice would be the first to admit if he hadn’t taken up golf his career would have ended tragically many years ago. There is even appendix with some of Alice’s golf tips, photos included!

If you are a die-hard Alice Fan there probably isn’t too much new information in here but again if you are a die-hard Alice fan, you will want it anyway. The same goes for golfers. This is a great summary of Alice’s career both on and off the course but with very little attention paid to the musical side. That book has yet to be written. This is the best book (the only book!) about golf (and not metal) that I’ve ever read.
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