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Beyond the Flesh
What the Mind Perceives
April 2004
Released: 2004, Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

With so many bands putting out albums on big labels it always annoys me to no end when I come across a totally deserving unsigned band that is miles above so much of the shit being released without a record deal. Such a band is New Jersey’s Beyond the Flesh. WHAT THE MIND PERCEIVES is the band’s second album and it looks and sounds more professional than many bands already operating at a higher level.

Playing a slicing style of melodic death metal, Beyond the Flesh has crafted an album of pure headbanging enjoyment. Though they clearly wear their influences on their sleeves (hello Carcass!), they manage to craft their songs with enough of their own personal stamp, allowing them to avoid the dreaded “ripoff” tag. The songs range from the pure old-school death metal blast of “The Sick”, to the more thrash-oriented “The Scars that Remain”. This is obviously a band that knows what they are doing.

While there isn’t a single bad song on the album, some do stand above the others. “Rise above the Weak” quickly sets the crushing tone of the album in fine thrash/death fashion, “Prophecies of the Dead” is a slower, more abrasive song that features some nice guitar melodies, while “What the Mind Perceives” is probably the most catchy song on the album with a riff that will stick in your head long after the disc is finished.

Beyond the Flesh are already masters at their craft, and it is absolutely criminal that these guys have not been signed yet. Luckily you can order this album from the band themselves and see for yourself exactly what I’m making such a fuss over. Well, go on then.
Track Listing

1)Rise Above the Weak
3)The Scars the Remain
4)Is this Life
5)The Sick
7)Darkest Days
8)Scattered Thoughts
9)Prophecies of the Dead
10)What the Mind Perceives


Justin: Vocals, Guitars
Rick: Guitars
Senen: Drums
Matt: Bass

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