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Bane Of Winterstorm
The Last Sons Of Perylin
January 2014
Released: 2013, Indie
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Australia is rapidly becoming one of the global Power Metal strongholds. Building on the history and strength of Eyefear, Ilium, Dungeon, Lord, and Black Majesty, the past few years have seen a little surge in bands such as Empires Of Eden, Dragonsclaw and now Bane Of Winterstorm.

Bane of Winterstorm has appeared virtually out of nowhere and leapt onto the international Metal scene in a very short time. You could say the independent debut by this young quintet is taking the world by storm. I have already seen THE LAST SONS OF PERYLIN appear on a number of Top lists for 2013. This five track album runs 45 minutes and is graced by a gorgeous cover art depicting a dark warrior of steel riding his fiery steed into battle, or maybe retreating and running away but I doubt it. The songs are long, the longest, the title track running 16 minutes and it takes war-balls of steel to open your album with a 10 minute long song!

The quality is incredibly high for an independent debut dispelling the outdated myth that you need a big name producer and a major label to sound good. The individual performances are all very strong, the voice of Morthion leading the charge with a dynamic and powerful delivery. When he sings the line of the hero Aranon, “Heed my words, you will feel the rage of my sword!” it sent shivers down my spine as did the mighty scream near the end of the title track! Musically, this symphonic Power Metal band hit all the highlights you may expect from this genre; relentless thunderous double-kick drumming, atmospheric keyboards, crushing guitars, blazing solos, soaring majestic choruses, and excellent orchestration all combining to create a textured musical landscape that compliment the conceptual storyline. The songs are well arranged and even the long ones never seem long, they hold my interest the whole time even after repeated listens. The orchestration and narration are superb adding even more dynamics into an already full album. I can’t recommend this enough to fans of epic, symphonic Metal. THE LAST SONS OF PERYLIN is as good as anything that Rhapsody, Fairyland and other bands of that stature have ever done.

The temperature is currently -32oC here in Saskatchewan, Canada. It’s late December deep in the heart of a prairie winter as I sit writing this a review about a band who are currently enjoying a hot summer in Melbourne, Australia where the temperature is +23oC, a mere 55 degrees difference. While the temperature is cold, the debut of Bane of Winterstorm is white-hot.
Track Listing

1. The Black Wind of Morthion
2. The Curse of Mithren's Ring
3. The Ancient Ritual of Räkth
4. The Warlord's Last Ride
5. The Last Sons of Perylin


Aranon Vocals
Othorion Guitar, Vocals
Morthion Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Tristan Petersön Bass
Alberto di Biase Drums

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