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Baalberith, Hex Morbidity, Forneus
In Satan’s Honour
January 2014
Released: 2013, Depressive Illusions Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

This latest compilation release from Depressive Illusion Records showcases some of the Uks freshest talent within the extreme Metal world at the moment. Together, Baalberith ,

Hex Morbidity and Forneus are ready to unleash their dark and brooding sounds upon their current fans and show you why it such a vibrant time for Black Metal.

Kicking in with a blood spraying sound of infernal shrieks and drums, ‘Abortion of Religious Fertility’ pulls no punches in its onslaught of violence. The scaling guitars build tension throughout amidst the chaotic screams, whilst flexing some impressive guitar solos throughout.

Their deadly sound remains consistent throughout, but the deep throated aggression of ‘Apparition of Skulls’ unveils a slower and more weighty side to the band as the riffs wade their way through with a solid layer of density remaining prevalent throughout. The lead guitar section towards the end leaves a strong sense of elation as the more faster rhythms come into play.

Solid and well refined Baalberith display a strong level of professionalism throughout their tracks and it certainly sounds that they could be onto creating some serious waves with the realms of Black Metal.

The second band to feature, Hex Morbidity burst out with enraged guitars and consistent drum work as ‘Holy Shrines’ swoops in with an instant kick. The growls split into the mix to a top notch standard and definitely help to keep the momentum going. The track comes with a gritty sound that are devoid of any moment to catch your breath, solid stuff.

‘Stench of Lord and Lamb’ remains as a strong contender for one of the compilations most solid offerings with eccentric riffs, demonic growls and an all round metallic backbone as the face melting solos are seething with passion and intensity.

What’s great to see about Hex Morbidity is their unwavering focus upon the more darker and bleak guitar sounds that are agonizing as they are cathartic. Indeed a band with plenty of promise and whose sound is sure to lead them to greatness.

Finally, Forneus erupt violently with speedy drums, visceral shrieks in ‘Litanies of Hatred’ as track that reverberates with sinister sounding guitar work and well balanced vocal tones that are catastrophic in their wake. The finger tapping solos break with eccentric speed and class craftsmanship.

The record’s longest track, ‘Blood Eagle (The Exile)’ plays out slower with dense sounding riffs that are sped up by the ice cold shrieks and relentless drumming. The droning guitar work gives rise to opaque imagery that plunge you into a void of darkness, making this a great closure to record itself.

What was good about this compilation is how distinctive each band are from each other yet special within their own ways. What’s more this the level of passion evoked from each Black Metal outfit and how their drive towards intelligently crafted song structures. This is definitely an essential release for 2013 and for anyone eager to give some new talent a spin then this will not fail to quench your thirst. Great work guys.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. Baalberith: Abortion of Religious Futility
2. Baalberith: Quest For Satan
3. Baalberith: Apparition of Skulls
4. Hex Morbidity: Holy Shrines
5. Hex Morbidity: Unbaptized
6. Hex Morbidity: Stench of Lord and Lamb
7. Forneus: Litanies of Hatred
8. Forneus: Embrace the Covenant
9. Forneus: Blood Eagle (The Exile)



Razakel - Vocals
TBA - Guitar
TBA - Guitar
TBA - Bass
Valefar - Drums

Hex Morbidity

Jarod Lawley - Guitar, Vocals and Drums
Chris Davies - Bass


Lorgar - Vocals and bass
Etherium – Guitars
Xjort - Drums


http:// https://www.fac

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by UK Team

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