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As It Burns
Mortal Dusk
November 2003
Released: 2003, Cold Blood Industries
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

This Dutch band has been around since 1997 and MORTAL DUSK is their third release. They have a heavy black metal influence but there are also traces of thrash and death, as well. There are plenty of keyboards used and vocals alternate between a death growl and black screech. I suppose if I had to compare them to anyone, As It Burns would be a less glossy Dimmu Borgir.

The title track opens the album with vocalist Arend Doornhein screaming “WELCOME TO THE MORTAL DUSK”. This is the best song on the CD. The vocals and guitars are great and are backed by some relentless drumming from Jacco Veenstra. “God Is A Souvenir” is another standout track and sounds like a Dimmu leftover. Lyrically, these guys have some serious issues with religion as every song is an attack on the church and its followers. They aren’t quite as overt as say, Deicide, but there is still some obvious hatred here towards religious institutions.

If you like your metal black but without the corpsepaint and horrid production, As It Burns will not disappoint.
Track Listing

1. Mortal Dusk
2. Selective Amnesia
3. God Is A Souvenir
4. Holy Waste
5. Silent Might
6. Eternal
7. Suicide Prophet
8. The Pulse of Anger
9. A Tortured Face
10. The Skintrade


Joost Brouwer--Guitars
Rocco Rundervoort—Guitars
Jeroen Smit—Bass
Arend Doornhein--Vocals
Jacco Veenstra—Drums
Gert Plas--Keyboards

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