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Amon Amarth
May 2016
Released: 2016, Metal Blade Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

At this stage of the game, Amon Amarth are the undisputed kings of melodic death metal. JOMSVIKING is the band’s tenth studio album and it seems that their worldwide popularity grows with each release. They need no further introduction from me, so onto the music at hand…

As I mentioned, JOMSVIKING is the band’s tenth album and fans of the band will find much to enjoy here. The band have always done their own thing, musically, and after 9 albums in the same style, surprises are few and far between. Instead, JOMSVIKING pounds away like the band have always done, with the main difference being that Johan Hegg has written his first concept story to match the music. It’s an interesting, if typical Viking tale, but given that the songs are still about glory, battle, and the Viking way of life, it’s not like the lyrics have really changed that much. Still, the band just has a knack for writing immediately satisfying metal songs force you to bang your head in appreciation.

There are some nuances though. The venerable Doro Pesch make a cameo appearance on the album’s penultimate track, “A Dream That Cannot Be”; the German metal queen more than holding her own against Hegg vocally and in the story line. Deluxe edition bonus track “Vengeance is My Name” is nearly a pure speed/traditional metal cut that shows that the boys haven’t forgotten the fun of their UNDER THE INFLUENCE EP.

In the end though, JOMSVIKING is pure Amon Amarth through and through. You will listen, you will enjoy, you’ll headbang, you’ll drink, you’ll feel a strange desire to pillage something, and in the end, you’ll be satisfied in yet another bout of melodic death metal. Other bands play, Amon Amarth conquers!
Track Listing

1. First Kill
2. Wanderer
3. On a Sea of Blood
4. One Against All
5. Raise Your Horns
6. The Way of Vikings
7. At Dawn’s First Light
8. One Thousand Burning Arrows
9. Vengeance Is My Name (bonus)
10. A Dream That Cannot Be
11. Back on Northern Shores


Johan Hegg: Vocals
Johan Soderberg: Guitar
Olavi Mikkonen: Guitar
Ted Lundstrom: Bass
Tobias Gustafsson: Drums



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